Dog was tied to abandoned home and left to die with his leg essentially ‘rotted’

Edduin Carvajal
Oct 19, 2018
12:15 A.M.
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The Richmond Animal Care and Control Facebook page uploaded an image of a seven-year-old Pitbull that was found tied to an abandoned property with a “rotted” leg.


In the photo, Rusty, how the staff of the facility named him, appeared tied to the fence of the house with a very sad look on his face. Apart from that, he was malnourished, and the area around him was filthy.

Even though the back leg that was injured didn't appear in the photo for the sake of the “tender-hearted audience,” the description of the post set clear that it had been left unattended for a long time, so it was rotted while still attached to the bone.



They added that the officers of the Animal Care were doing their best to learn who was Rusty’s owner and urged people to send any information that might help to carry out the investigation. Donors of the RACC Foundation even offered a $1,000 reward for the intel.



One of the things that surprised more people about Rusty was that he had been neutered by his owner, something considered as unusual in an abused dog. That aspect also set clear that he was someone’s pet and not just some random dog tied to a fence. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa



Soon after finding him, a video of him was uploaded to Donnie Anderson’s YouTube channel. In it, Rusty appeared running and playing in a garden after his leg was amputated, proving that he was in high spirits despite all he had been through.

Source: Facebook/Ghetto Rescue Foundation



Even though neglecting animals in such a way is the most inhumane thing that a person could do, it is not the first time that a dog has suffered in such a way. The Ghetto Rescue Foundation saved a dog that was "incarcerated" in a wooden house for a while.

Once they opened the prison, the poor dog was "extremely sad, terrified, and clearly abused.” Apart from that, he had bite marks on his body and a swollen leg.

Walter, how they named him, was taken to the vet where he received medical attention. The Ghetto Rescue Foundation finally revealed that they planned on picking him up and send him to a foster home for rehabilitation.

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