A parable about the perfect lover

Razia Meer
Oct 19, 2018
05:40 P.M.

Once a granddaughter asked her grandmother:


“Grandma, what makes a perfect lover? I mean in bed, what should he do or not do so that a woman would understand that next to her is the best lover in the world?

Should he be gentle and patient or passionate and assertive? Should his ability lie in doing much and often, or rarely but aptly so that later a woman could boast to her friends for years?"

“Granddaughter, remember what I tell you now...while you are young and can still avoid many disappointments because of silly attempts to compare and evaluate."

"The ideal lover is not gauged by the number of orgasms, external attractiveness, knowledge of the Kama Sutra, or the technique of execution.


You will understand that next to you is the most ideal and best lover in the whole world when you stop noticing others.

When you catch yourself thinking that during the time you are together, you cannot remember a single male face or a single other person.

When you know and feel with your whole body that you can never again go to bed with someone else, you will understand that you have met the ideal lover.

You feel the meaning of the word "loyalty." But why do you ask, granddaughter?"

"I am afraid of a 'random' and 'unreliable' man," the granddaughter explained.

"Only marriages are random," replied the grandmother, "As a lover, you need to take a reliable person..."

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