Video of 3 pregnant women dancing to 'In My Feelings' went viral

Chanequa, Nette, and Mona took the “In My Feelings” challenge to the next level. They put on tight and bright dresses and showed off her dance skills while heavily pregnant.

In the video that the Nigerian singer and social media star Tunde Ednut made viral, the three ladies, who happened to be sisters, appeared in the middle of an empty road standing next to each other.

All of them wore dresses with a very similar design but in different colors: yellow, blue, and fuchsia. As soon as the music began, their choreography started. They touched their hips, rubbed their bellies, and dance to the song in the most enthusiastic way.


Apart from the obvious fact that the clip portrayed three pregnant women doing the “Kiki Challenge,” people couldn’t stop thinking about how the three sisters managed to get pregnant pretty much at the same time.

Chanequa, one of the sisters, revealed that they did not plan to get pregnant at the same time and that it was their “fate.” Apart from that, she said that, when she got her sisters together to tell them the big news, they surprised her (and each other) with the same news.


Soon after the video was recorded, Nette gave birth to a baby boy, Mona welcomed a boy to the world, too, and Chanequa gave birth to a girl. One of the best things about their joint pregnancy is that the children will grow up with an incredible bond as cousins.


It was not the only time that the pregnant sisters posed together as they have uploaded several pics showing such a splendid thing on social media. One of the most striking ones portrayed all of them laying on the green grass posing for the camera wearing the previously mentioned dresses.

Next to them, there was a human-size stuff animal and three huge letter cubes simulating how their children’s bedrooms might look like shortly.


While uncommon, those sisters were not the only people who have recorded themselves dancing while heavily pregnant. Hayley Rutkowski, a mother from North Carolina, was still expecting five days past her due date, and she had tried a lot of things to induce labor.

She did everything from exercising and having spicy food, but nothing seemed to work. One day, she decided to dance and see if something happened. Hayley and her husband, Matt, chose Starrkeisha’s “Baby Mama” and gave it a try.

Even though their hilarious clip went viral in no time, baby Karsyn basically didn’t feel it. Hayley ended up having a C-section four days after posing the clip. The healthy baby is four months old at the moment.

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