Little girl loses mom to cancer, but she turns the pain of her death into beautiful music

Rhema Marvanne copes with the pain of her mother’s death by pouring her heart out into music.

The young singer has gained quite a following, especially with the release of her gospel song, “I Thank God.”

She has fascinated people with her strength and positive outlook in life, considering that she lost her mother to cancer at a very young age.

She became popular in 2011 at the age of eight. She endeared the people with her voice, which seems too powerful for her age, and her old soul style.

Source: YouTube/Rhema Marvanne

Source: YouTube/Rhema Marvanne

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She has performed in a Dallas Cowboys game and in a Korean TV talent show.

Her fame began after becoming an internet sensation, thanks to the videos her father posted online. The videos showed her singing gospel songs.

Source: YouTube/Rhema Marvanne

Source: YouTube/Rhema Marvanne

Despite losing her mother too soon, Rhema doesn’t harbor hatred against God.

"God called me to do gospel and I believe gospel can touch people's hearts," she once said.

She was only three years old when her mother, Wendi, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Although she only got to bond with her mother for a short time, Rhema remembers happy memories with her.

"We would do plays, like, you know, those Bible stories," she recalled. "It's kind of hilarious but sometimes I would be a boy and sometimes she would be a boy."

Rhema witnessed her mother’s chemotherapy treatments, so she also remembers sharing painful moments with her mother.

The young girl said she never lost her faith in God amidst her mother’s suffering. "I kept on praying in my heart, 'God, please help her to feel better. Please, just heal her,'" she said.

Rhema also reminds people of seven-year-old Malea Emma, who became an internet sensation after singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” before a soccer club’s match.

Even though it was evident that the girl must have been a good singer to qualify for such activity, nobody expected that Malea would wow the crowd and players in the way she did.

A viral video showed the girl’s reaction when she learned that she had been selected to sing at the StubHub Center, which was attended by about 25,000 people.

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