White bank executive wears blackface and MAGA hat as he cosplays Kanye West in viral pic

A bank executive from South Carolina was recently praised not just for the stellar job he's been doing in the finance industry, but apparently, also for his portrayal of Donald Trump supporter, Kanye West. 

Bryan Lenertz has been a household name in the finance industry for the month of October after he was labeled as a "trailblazer" in his contribution as the Horry County executive of the Anderson Brother Bank, a community bank that now has a total of $740 million in assets. 

However, towards the end of October, Lenertz went viral for an entirely different thing, and that was for portraying "MAGA Yeezy" at a Halloween party. 

Bryan "Bobo" Lenertz used a skin bronzer, allegedly the same as what Kim Kardashian uses, to paint his face "black" in order to properly play the role of Kanye West for the night. To add to his Yeezy outfit that consisted of a white t-shirt, camouflage jacket, a gold chain, a "Make America Great Again" cap, and shutter shades, he also attended the party with his wife, Jess, who of course, dressed as Kim Kardashian. 

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Although this might seem as offensive to people, their friends made sure to commend the couple for their good Halloween get up this year. The Lenertz couple's friends think that he "killed it", and that they were "perfection". 

However, someone who reported the costume to The Root shares that it was an act of "idiocy", and that it was clearly an act of racism, especially in a world where black people continue to be oppressed. The tipster went so far as to wonder whether or not the banker has ever denied a loan to a person of color, especially if he thinks that black skin could just be easily used as a costume. 

The Anderson Brothers institution has not released a statement about the viral news piece but instead has commented that the issue was forwarded to the executive management "to be handled" accordingly. 

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