October 31, 2018

Black woman checks into hospital for stomach pain but left beaten by security guard

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A 25-year-old St. Louis woman went to the hospital for stomach pains. Instead of getting medical care, as the Images below show, she was beaten up by hospital security.

In July 2018, Vanity Allen went to SSM Health DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton. She was complaining about stomach pain.

She was admitted to the hospital. She then had an IV port put in before she decided to get some fresh air and walked outside.

While outside the hospital, her pain grew worse. So she sat down in an empty wheelchair.



This is when things took an ugly turn. Allen was confronted by a security guard about sitting in the chair.

While overcome with pain and unable to reply, she held up a hand to him so that he would back off for a moment until the pain subsided. However, the security guard became irate and hit her.



The blow knocked her onto the sidewalk. When she got up the guard grabbed her while she was staggering to regain her balance

He then dragged her into the hospital and spun her around before pinning her to the ground and cuffing her. The security guard used his superior strength and position to bully the unsuspecting woman.



Regardless of the security camera footage, it is Allen who is being charged for fourth-degree assault, not the security guard. The hospital filed a report against Allen with Bridgeton Police.

It was noted that the security guard was fired. Allen's lawyer believes the prosecutor in Bridgestone will sympathize with Allen and understand the situation.



Allen now suffers from PTSD, sight issues and has permanent scarring from the incident. She gave up a new job when she moved back home to live with her family.

The case opened up a discussion about bullying. It also highlighted how witnesses often do nothing to help the victim. 


Other Assault Cases:

The statistics for physical abuse show that approximately 2 million injuries occur each year from physical abuse. Many times no one chooses to speak up against the abuser.

In the video below, a 13-year old girl's hair was set on fire at a bus stop by bullies while onlookers watched. She put the flames out herself and no one said or did anything to come to her defense.


In another incident, a 19-year-old DePaul University student was beaten during an attempted robbery on the Blue Line. Once again no one came forward to help her or stop the assault.


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