Parents of albino twins tired of beinf accused of having affairs

Christin and Russell Lewis are tired of having to confirm the paternity of their two-year-old twins.

What seems to confuse people is that Christin and Russell are black, and their children, Nolan and Savannah appear to be white. reported on November 4, 2018.

Nolan and Savannah are black, just like their parents, but they suffer from a rare genetic condition known as albinism which makes them look very different.


The twins both have albinism, which means they were born without pigmentation in their skin and hair. This usually results in having pale hair, eyes, and skin. 

What makes the twins even more unusual is the fact that they are fraternal, and not identical twins. Sadly, their different appearance has made their family targets some unkind comments and cruel speculation.


The twin's mother, Christin, 37, is often accused of having had an affair, and people ask her who the children's father is. Some presume that the twins are the result of Russel's affair with a white woman.

 "People think that I cheated on my husband to have white babies. ‘An agent who was interested in the twins modelling said to my husband: “Did you have the babies with a white woman?”‘ 


Social challenges are the least of the twin's worries. Albinism also means that Nolan and Savannah's eyes and skin are particularly sensitive to sunlight. The twins do not venture outdoors without the liberal application of sun-block and sunglasses.


Christin and Russel have become sensitive to the hurtful remarks many people utter thoughtlessly out of ignorance.

Only one in every 18,000 Americans suffer from albinism and so many people have never come across the condition before. In order to shield their children from possible discrimination and bullying, Christin and Russel are considering home-schooling their children.

 "We probably won’t put them in the system with regular children. We want to shield them from that and let them know they are beautiful and can do anything they set their minds to." 

The twins are too young to be aware of the stares of strangers on the streets, but their parents want to protect them, and make sure their beautiful and unusual children grow up strong and secure.


People who meet twins Kian and Remee for the first time don't realize the two little girls are sisters. Remee is blond with blue eyes, and Kian is black with chocolate-brown eyes.

The twin's parents Kylee Hodgson and Remi Horderowe have white mothers and black fathers, and a unique genetic combination gave them a pair of gorgeous, but very different little girls.

Like Christin and Russel, Kylee and Remi also had to field questions about the girls' paternity, but the twins have never questioned their skin colors.

Kian and Remee are now 7 years old, and they have never asked their parents why they are different. They simply accept who and how they are. 

"They are such a perfect example of how it should be..They are not bothered about their skin color. It’s not the big issue everyone else seems to see it as. It isn’t important to them at all – it’s about what they’re like underneath."

According to their mother, Kylee, the twins are the perfect example of how people and society should function: disregarding superficial differences and concentrating on the deeper values of the heart.

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