Elderly woman calls police on Hispanic mother who was sitting in car with her baby in viral video

A senior white woman called the police to report that a baby was alone in a hot car when in fact, the Hispanic mother of the child was also in the car with the A/C running.

Darla Jeny and her family made a quick stop at a PetSmart store on Riverside County, California. Her husband was going to pop in for something, so he took their six-year-old while she stayed in the car with their two-year-old.



Not too long after, a senior woman approached the car and knocked on Jeny’s window to inform her that the sun was hitting her daughter’s face. She also threatened to call the cops if the mother didn’t move her car. Jeny, who knew that her husband would be out shortly, told the woman to mind her business.

Apparently, that made the senior lady angry because she decided to call the cops. Jeny, 32, also acted fast and started recording the exchange.



In the clip posted on Facebook, the unidentified woman can be heard telling Jeny that she was calling the police “because you told me it was ‘None of your business' that your child is in pain.”

Now angry and frustrated by the woman’s shenanigans, Jeny retorted:

“But she’s is not in pain, she’s sleeping in her car seat.”



The woman ignores Jeny and proceeds to tell an officer at the other end of the line that there was a kid left alone in a hot car.

“I’m in the car with her!” Jeny screams.

“No, you’re not, you’re out here yelling at me," the woman responded.



When Jeny’s husband returns, the woman puts her call on hold, explaining that the father of the kid is back.

Confused by the commotion, the husband reaches the car and asks his wife what is going on. Jeny wasted no time in recounting the exchange as it happened.


Parking Lot Barbara, as she has been dubbed by social media users, then focuses her attention on the man, which prompts Jeny to say “Oh, because he’s white? Because he’s white, it’s OK because he’s here now?" and the lady fires back “No, because he’s acting sane—you’re screaming at me."

Jeny’s husband makes the woman admit her mistake, but she keeps insisting she called the cops because Jeny was “nasty.”




She also accuses Jeny of threatening her, and as she makes her way to the car, she has some not-so-nice words for the mother.

“You deserve that child to be injured. And you probably do injure it. Look at you.”

In a separate Facebook post, Jeny argued that it was never about the safety of her child. She continued:

“It was about the fact that I didn't comply with her demands to move my car. When asked at the beginning of the video why she was calling the cops she said it was because I told her to mind her own business. …She then hit me with her car door.”


Jeny also posted the video on Facebook and in no time, amassed thousands of shares, views, and comments. Most internet folks called the senior white woman a racist, noting that if the mother were white, the conversation would probably go down differently.

This group justified their argument by pointing out the change in the woman’s demeanor once Jeny’s white husband arrived.

The video was also reposted on Twitter and garnered several reactions. These are a few of those:



More recently, a white woman hurled racist insults at two Hispanic women in a store, and another white woman came to their defense.

After the racist refused to back down and heed all warning, the Good Samaritan called the cops on her and had her arrested.


A sadder situation involved a white security guard and a black customer who both got into a heated argument that quickly escalated to a physical fight.

The incident occurred at a restaurant in Buffalo, and footage shows the white man first shoved the black man to the ground. Still, the black man refrained from throwing the first punch, until the white man slapped him and all hell broke loose.

Facebook/ Peter Cox

Facebook/ Peter Cox

Not too long after, a policeman arrives and, without asking questions, handcuffs the black guy. In an interesting twist, the black man, known as Mingo, declared his intention to start a civil rights lawsuit against the city, including the police officers that arrested him.

Read more on that story here.

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