Single mom thanks 'angel' stranger who rescued her and her four kids from nightmare situation

Then-29-year-old Tawny Nelson was a struggling single mother and felt like everything had been going wrong in her life. Eventually, her faith was restored when a kind stranger helped her in a moment of need.

Nelson, at the time, was very frustrated as she was stranded in a grocery store’s parking lot because her car wouldn’t start.

She took to social media to share what she had been through during that tough day and how a man came to her rescue.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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Nelson, a single mother, has four daughters. The eldest, at the time in 2016, was nine years old, the next was five, followed by a two-year-old, and the youngest was just six weeks old.

She recalled how tough it was since her former partner left. To add to her problems, her truck was flat, and she constantly had to fill it up with air. Her driver side window was also not working, and she needed a new alternator belt.

Needless to say, the truck was struggling, and Nelson only used it when she really needed to.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

During that particular day, Nelson had to go to the store. She took the kids with her and drove to Winn Dixie, which was nine blocks away from her house.

After purchasing the things she needed, it had already gone dark, and the rain was unforgiving.

She loaded her kids in the vehicle and placed the groceries in the trunk. When she tried to start the car, nothing was happening.

Supposedly, one of her daughters accidentally left one of the lights on, and her battery had drained. To make things worse, her phone was also disconnected, and she had no way of contacting anybody to help her.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

She tried fixing her car but to no avail. Nelson recalled asking about 20 strangers to help her jump start the car but nobody bothered to even say no, and they all just ignored her.

By then her children were already cranky. The young ones were already crying, and all of them were already hungry. Nelson felt like she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Just then, someone knocked on her passenger window. It was an elderly man, said to be 74 years old, with a cane and was limping.

Nelson opened the door, and to her surprise, he handed him a plate of chicken strips and biscuits, plus bottles of water.

“Feed those babies and yourself young lady. I have a tow truck on the way, and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home,” said the man.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Not long after, his wife did arrive along with a tow truck. They were all brought home safely.

The next day, the man came back to her house and brought a mechanic with him. He replaced her battery and alternator and also fixed her window.

Afterward, the old man did not come back. Nelson asked the mechanic how much did she owe him and he said that the gentleman already paid for everything.

The mechanic also said that the old man wanted her never to give up and to continue to be a great mother for her kids. He said that was the payment he wanted.

Nelson was incredibly grateful to the old man that she shed in tears. He came at such a perfect time in her life when everything seemed to be falling apart. She said that the gentleman had restored her faith.

Although she could never really thank him, Nelson said she hopes she can do the same thing for someone else someday.

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