Inlaws ‘buried daughter-in-law alive in concrete’ to get custody of the children

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 09, 2018
01:13 P.M.
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In a shocking case from Brazil, a daughter-in-law was buried alive in concrete by her Inlaws. Her Inlaws wanted custody of her two children.


It is believed that Maria Izilda and Fernando de Oliveira hatched a plan to get rid of their daughter-in-law, Marcia Miranda. This occurred while Miranda was in the process of separating from their son.

The couple had become obsessed with her children. They wanted to gain custody of the children and raise them as their own. According to family members, they taught the children to call them mum and dad, not granny and grandpa.

Miranda had two children with their son. They had a four-year-old son and nine-month-old daughter


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Miranda arranged with her in-laws to meet them at a bank. They had set up the meeting under the pretense of opening a new account for her children.

However, Miranda did not return home after the meeting. As a result, she was reported missing on October 2.


Authorities believe that after going to the bank the couple lured Miranda into a car and took her to a property they rented. Police believe the property was rented for the sole reason of burying the body.

The mom-of-two was then brutally murdered. Police found the body buried in concrete in a rented house in the North Zone of São Paulo.


By the time her body was found it was badly decomposed. It could only be identified through her fingerprints.

The police speculate that she was buried alive. Detective Mario Pinto said, "She may have been alive when she was buried or she might have been strangled then buried. She had marks on the top of her head and neck."


He went on to explain that the murder was premeditated. He stated the couple rented the property three weeks prior and bought all the tools they needed to dig a deep hole and lay a concrete slab.

They also tried to lead police away from them with a false claim that she was kidnapped by criminals as they left the bank however the claim was proved incorrect by witnesses and surveillance cameras. Evidence led police to the couple and the pair may be charged with murder, abduction and the concealment of a body.

In a similar case, a couple in Jacksonville were buried alive in 2005. The four accused were sentenced to death however due to new legislation, The Florida Supreme Court is ordering new sentencing hearings for four inmates currently on the state's death row, including a woman convicted for her role in the murders of the couple.

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