Have you ever seen a sock on top of a car dashboard during winter? Here’s what it means

Nov 11, 2018
12:47 P.M.

Putting a sock on top of the car’s dashboard is a frequent sight during the winter time. Supposedly, it prevents fogging up the windows.


A life hack expert, Dave Hax, shared a video on YouTube explaining how the clever idea works to maintain the clarity of the car’s windows during the cold season.

You only need two things to make this work: a sock and a good amount of unused cat litter.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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During the winter season, it can get very frustrating to see your fogged-up windows, especially if you’re running late to class or work.

You’ll have to defog it first, or you would risk getting in an unfortunate accident because of semi-transparent windows.


Source: YouTube/ Dave Hax

Source: YouTube/ Dave Hax

Luckily, Hax shared this easy trick to prevent hazardous incidents and to also stop you from getting another late slip.

Following the necessary steps is easy. First, you must find an old sock that is still clean and doesn’t have holes in it.

Source: YouTube/ Dave Hax

Source: YouTube/ Dave Hax

Next, get the cat litter and masking tape. If you dislike the litter-smell, it is recommended to purchase a low-scent cat litter or a no-smell one. You wouldn’t want your car to smell like litter after all.

Fill the sock with litter and use the tape to lock it in place, so nothing spills out.

Once you’re done with that step, you are basically ready to place it on top of your dashboard.


Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Putting another sock near the back window is also a good idea since it can also be fogged up over there as well.

The trick is as simple as that, but you would be greeted every morning with fogless windows, and you wouldn’t need to stress about your misty windows.

The reason why cat litter is effective for getting rid of fogged-up windows is that it is great for absorbing moisture, which is something that is all too familiar for cat owners.

When moisture gets trapped in the air inside the car, it is called condensation. With the help of the litter, it catches the moisture before it even attempts to stick on the window. As for the sock, their only use is to be a container for the litter.


Meanwhile, there are other useful car hacks, such as using toothpaste as a headlight cleaner, using a shoe to replace cup holders, and using nail polish to fix small paint chips and scrapes.

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