Woman catches thieving ex with new girlfriend at airport and gets payback

Edduin Carvajal
Nov 14, 2018
10:48 A.M.

Angel Exford, a South African woman living in the UK, was a victim of fraud. Her ex-boyfriend used her bank information to buy different things to his real girlfriend, spending over $1,500.


The woman took to Twitter to share the entire story with all the details, which became viral in no time. She revealed that she and Michael Fehsenfeld met each other and dated for a couple of months, and everything seemed fine.

During one night out, he said he had lost his wallet, so he asked Angel to pay for the expenses of their date. She accepted and even shared her bank information with Michael so he could make all the payments on her behalf. That was the last night Angel saw him.



Soon after that, he blocked her on all social media accounts and even changed his profile picture to one with another woman – his actual girlfriend. Things didn’t end there, though, as Angel later discovered some transactions in her bank account that she had not done.

First, she thought that it was a scammer who somehow stole her information. However, Angel and her friends, who still had access to Michael’s social media accounts, noticed that one of the transactions was an EasyJet flight to Paris. The ticket information had Michael’s name on it, so they discovered the truth about him.



Little by little, Angel and her friends linked all the mysterious transactions in her bank account to things that Michael bought and uploaded to his social media accounts, including flowers, Instagram likes, and other bills.



Instead of confronting him, she decided to tell police what happened and asked them to go to the Garwick Airport at the time he and his girlfriend were supposed to fly to Paris. On October 5, the police, that was impressed with the whole investigation, arrested him. Michael pleaded guilty and got a 26-week sentence suspended for two years, as well as 150 hours of supervised community service.


While Angel’s case is unique, similar things related to broken hearts happen every day. A Reddit user knows it firsthand as she shared her story on the previously mentioned website. Without revealing her name, she said that she discovered her boyfriend of five years naked and asleep next to his ex-girlfriend.

Instead of confronting him, she deactivated her Facebook account, blocked him on all social media, told her friends and family members to do the same, and even moved to a different city. “I completely removed myself from him and didn’t offer a shred of explanation or opportunity for dialogue,” admitted the lady.

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