Brandy praised after showing off her fuller curves while dancing in striped costume in video

Amid having to face speculations of her being pregnant at 39-years-old, Brandy's fans have finally shown her some love after displaying her fuller body figure. 

The singer accepts it: people think that she's pregnant. Her weight gain came as such a surprise to those who follow her, that pregnancy was the first thing that came to their minds, and not anything else.

However, she has decided to set all the rumors straight by saying that if she was indeed pregnant, she would not be ashamed of it. After all, she went through a pregnancy out-of-wedlock at 23-years-old, what would be wrong with having one now at age 39, when is all the more successful and all the more capable of raising a child?

Brandy also pointed out how she finds it funny how people seem to tell her she's pregnant by all the comments they post on her social media. On a previous interview, she opened up about the topic some more:

“I would not be embarrassed. I was pregnant out of wedlock then. If I was pregnant out of wedlock now, why would I be ashamed of a baby? And it’s funny how people are telling me I’m pregnant. First of all, you don’t know what’s going on in my stomach. First of all, you can’t do that. ‘I know you’re pregnant.’ ‘You are pregnant!’ ‘When is the baby due?’ It’s just like, girl, you don’t know me to say that. And you don’t know what’s going on.”

The real reason for her fluctuating weight in the past two years is her decision to cut herself some slack and enjoy all the good things in life by not restricting herself to a strict healthy diet. Instead, she has been eating whatever it is she enjoys, but of course, in moderation. 

Now that her fans have finally accepted the truth about it, they have been swarming the celebrity with positive comments about her fuller body figure, which has made her look all the more healthy and happy. 

"@platinumcertified: You look amazing"

"@tishacampbellmartin: Come on body!!! be brave cuz u look great!"

"@brown615: Ooooo, I love Thick Brandy!"

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