Heartbreaking photo shows dog comforting herself after thinking she was left alone

Luna, the miniature bull terrier, has captured the hearts of many people after her photograph comforting herself was uploaded online.

Luna's owner, Justin Grosjean, posted the sweet snap to his pet's Instagram page recently.

In the photo, Luna, who just turned three a month ago, is seen looking troubled after being left alone in the house. She is surrounded by a number of shoes.

"When daddy leaves the house I have to go [and] find a shoe," the caption reads. "It's not like I destroy it, but it's what I like to do."

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According to Independent, in a Reddit post, Justin, from Michigan, explained, “This weekend my wife and kids were out of town, and I went to Home Depot for 30 minutes and came home to this. I think she panicked and thought we all left. Broke my heart.”

Luna's photo has amassed over 1,700 likes on Instagram. A lot of people also added their thoughts via comment.

One user wrote, "This precious fur baby will never know how many people that have been blessed by this photo."

"Aw she looks worried God love her," added another. "Bless her little furry self."

"Awe, poor baby. I can only imagine the look of pure joy on this pups face when daddy and the family came home!" commented another user.

In an interview, Justin shared that Luna is actually a survivor of Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), a sickness which causes a dog’s immune system to attack healthy red blood cells.

“IMHA is a terrible disease that most dogs don’t come back from, but thanks to our local vet she’s stronger than ever," he said. “She is the sweetest most gentle dog with our children and has the most vibrant personality. We feel blessed to have her."

Justin continued that Luna adores long strolls around the block and hoards their shoes on the rare occasion, which according to scientists, it's how the dogs cope once they have been left alone in the house.

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