Dozens of 'ghost boats' carrying skeletons wash ashore in Japan every year

Very little is known about these boats but researchers have found evidence that could give their origin.

They are so called because they have been found unmanned or with corpses on board off the western coast of Japan, in an area extending from Fukui prefecture to the southern tip of Hokkaido.

According to the data offered by the authorities of Japan, these vessels are actually fishing vessels. Several of these have arrived with corpses inside them; only eleven people alive have been rescued, as reported by NY Post.

Some bodies were decomposed and others could be partially seen the skeleton. They were in those conditions when they arrived in the Japanese waters, a clear indication that they had been dead for quite some time.

But this is not the first time that boats of this type have approached Japanese territory or the western coast of Russia. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

The coast guard of Japan believes that these boat appearances are due to the fact that the boats deviated from their territorial waters in search of catches and ended up being dragged by strong marine currents.

Japan's coast guard told the BBC that 65 boats with these characteristics were seen last year, but it seems that the last flow is a bit more numerous.

In addition, it is also estimated that food shortages in North Korea are one of the reasons for these fishermen to go in search of seafood, which is very popular in the North Korean markets.

And the food situation in North Korea is desperate, this causes their waters are overexploited by fishermen and increasingly have to go further to achieve a better reward.

However, these "wooden boats are not suitable for the turbulent waters of the Sea of Japan in autumn" and now the North Korean Government has also leased areas to the Chinese fishing fleets to try to solve the situation, but it seems to be not having good results.

Maybe the government thinks he can end hunger and starvation putting the lives of the people at greater risk. Maybe it would be better to eat dog meat as it is their tradition than losing everything while fishing.

Their national food, "dangogi," is a dog meat delicacy that locals call "sweet meat." It is believed that the meat provides those who eat it with stamina, something required to overcome the hot weather. However, we don´t really know if it works for cold weather too.

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