Mother of 3 jailed for 15 years for plotting to kill terminally ill husband

Jaimie-lee Prince
Nov 26, 2018
07:54 P.M.
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A cheating wife plotted with her lover and his daughter to murder her husband. The three were sentenced together on November 15 for at least five attempts on Ray Weatherall's life. 


Hayley Weatherall, Glenn Pollard, and Heather Pollard who now goes by "Arthur," all plead not guilty to the crime. However, the Daily Mail reported that Judge Adele Williams convicted them for "multiple attempts at murder."

Glenn, 49, received a 17-year sentence, while Hayley, 32, and Heather, 20, both received 15-year sentences. The judge said their actions showed "chilling cruelty" and called the trio "cold and calculated" in their plans. 

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Judge Williams said that the motive was simple: Ray Weatherall was standing in the way of Glenn and Heather's new life and they devised to kill him.

Ray Weatherall, 53, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Doctors gave him 18 months to live. Ray pulled through in his battle against cancer. 


But there was another ongoing threat to his life. His cheating wife and her accomplices made at least three attempts to kill him. 

The judge explained the simple but horrific nature of the crime: 


“You conspired to murder a man because you believed he stood in your way."

She continued:

“That man was your husband, Hayley Weatherall; your best friend of over 20 years, Glenn Pollard; and ‘uncle Ray’, your father’s best friend and a man who you had known all your life, Heather Pollard.”



The first serious attempt was made on November 20, 2017. Heather, who was loyal to a fault to her father, would show just how much she wanted to please him by her "desperate" actions for approval.  

After a series of attempts to kill Ray Weatherall, his wife heartlessly said of one failed attempt, "They didn't do a very good job."

The then 19-year-old set off to shoot Ray in Rainham under Glenn's instructions. Despite her "enthusiasm," she fell short on the task. 

The next attempt was again made through Heather on November 29, 2017. This time she was successful in injuring Ray using her father's rifle. She waited across the River Stour for five hours for Ray to emerge at the Sandwich Marina. 


The bullet pierced Ray's cheek and entered his jaw. He bled excessively from his nose, ears, and mouth, but survived. A large portion of the bullet remained in his jaw due to the difficulty of removal.

After that attack, Hayley texted Glenn saying, "they didn't do a very good job, he's still here." This message confirmed her knowledge of the plot and incriminated her in the horrific attacks. 

Source: Facebook/ Hayley Weatherall


The last time attempt in December 2017 was also not followed through. Hayley received four tablets from Glenn. She was to use them to knock Ray out by crushing them and putting them into his food. 

Everyone who learns the details of this "very complex" case would agree with police: "...quite frankly [Ray Weatherall] is lucky to be alive."

Glenn also gave her £500 and directed her to incur a fatal overdose to her husband through a full pen of insulin. Hayley failed to complete the task. 

Prior to these, the trio previously tried to kill Ray by causing a swimming pool heater explosion which led to second-degree burns. They also tried to drown the victim as he was fishing.


The judge stressed on the devastating circumstances for the victim:“He will know that those closest to him conspired to kill him instead of giving him the love and support he needed in his battle against cancer."



The second shooting set off an investigation by Kent Police. But it was Ray's niece Emma Worsfold who tipped off police to the three's motives. Worsfold learned of the affair and subsequently recognized the attempts to kill the victim. 

Paul Wilson, an investigating officer on the case, said: 

"This has been a very complex case and extremely difficult for the victim who is quite frankly lucky to be alive."

Inside the courtroom, the judge elaborated: 


"He’s had to come to terms with the fact that three people close to him who he cared about were so intent on hurting him."

She added: 

“I have no doubt that in due course he will be left with an immense sense of betrayal. A sense of betrayal that will blight the final years of his life."



Regarding the decision to sentence the three for life, Judge Williams said: 

“I believe each of you will remain a serious danger to the public for a period which cannot reliably be estimated at the present time.

“I also conclude that such will be the revulsion and horror felt by right-thinking members of the public at this crime that only a sentence of imprisonment for life is justified.”

Glenn and Heather Pollard lived in Church Lane, West Stourmouth, Kent. Hayley lived in Molland Lee, Ash. They will not be able to appeal for parole until they serve their minimum sentences.



Meanwhile, in September 2018 another wife was charged for poisoning her husband with eye drops. Lana Sue Clayton put the solution in Stephen Clayton's water for several days until he died on July 21 in Clover.

And in October 2018, a woman received just over a 10-year sentence for killing her rapist. Roxanne Eka Peters stabbed him and dragged him behind her car before dumping him into a ditch. 

In this case, some supported her decision. The attacker, Grant Jason Cassar, had threated to hurt Peters' daughter if she did not concede to being raped. Cassar had previously tied her up in her own home before the assault.

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