Little boy's angry school photos went viral, real parents set the record straight

Monica Otayza
Nov 22, 2018
04:02 A.M.
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A little boy's angry photos went viral on the internet and have been circulating for over a year, and now that the photos have resurfaced and are being used to solicit money, the real parents of the child have decided to set the record straight on Facebook. 


While going viral is not always a bad thing, it becomes a problem when people start using the photos with our permission. According to the real mother of the child, LaShunta Arnold, her son's photos are being used to make money off the posts. 

On Facebook, the concerned mother decided to set the record straight and say that while she believes some of the posts are hilarious, it is not funny that people have been using them to solicit money. According to Arnold, some people have even claimed to be the parents of the child just to create GoFundMe accounts and get money. 

Hoping to put an end to all the scams, LaShunta requested for people to report those who pretend to be them. 


"[...] If you happen to see a post where someone is claiming him as [their] child, that is not funny...I don't care if it is just a joke. Don't be out here trying to use our son for likes or money. That's lame and so disrespectful. Please, if yall continue to see people claiming him, claiming the pic as there's, creating GoFundMe accounts and making money from my baby pics, please report it and let us know. Thanks!"


According to Arnold, they only use social media to keep in touch with their family, and they didn't think their son's photo would go viral like that. Now, he has become a meme for being an angry child while having a photo shoot, and people have made their own stories of what was actually going on. 


A guy named El Prive even goes so far as to call the child his "son", and that he ate his pop tart prior to the photo and that's the reason why he didn't want to smile. To date, his post has a total of 67,000 likes, 85,000 comments, and 349,000 shares. 

In the end, the real parents of the child have accepted that they cannot do anything about the photos going viral online, but they do hope that the scamming ends so as not to exploit their child for money.