Victim of bullying spends almost 50 thousand dollars in surgeries and now looks like a new person

Celine Centino, 24, spent almost $50,000 to transform her body and look like an entirely new person in just four years. Today she’s the happiest she’s ever been but looks unrecognizable.

Celine was a happy teenager, but her unattractive appearance caused her to be the center of the teasing and cruel comments from her classmates. They would bully her incessantly, calling her ugly and telling her that she looked like a guy because she had “no boobs.”

 “I was always a happy person, but I didn't feel good in my skin. So many people judged me because I was 'ugly,' and I turned into a sad person,” Centino told Daily Mail.

The situation got so out of control that Centino was beaten up on several occasions and she would often fake a cold to avoid going to school. “I never told anyone about this because I felt ashamed,” she confessed.

As a result of the constant bullying, the Swiss woman decided to take the matter into her hands and started to save money to change her appearance.

“I wanted to be happy again, so I changed my look and everything I didn't like about myself. We live in a time when we can change something if we like it, so I took this chance.”


Although Centino worked as a hairdresser and her earnings were not that significant, she saved up cash since she was 18 to make her dream of looking different come true. She managed to raise £38,000 (almost $50,000) to change the shape of her body.

Her plastic surgery journey started in 2013, and throughout four years, she got three breast augmentations along with a nose job and cheek, lip and chin fillers.

The Instagram star, who says she loved Pamela Anderson as a child, commented that she felt happy like never before after her first breast augmentation:

"When I got my first boob job, it was an amazing feeling. I wanted more because I wanted to be more beautiful. Luckily, I had no complications.”

Currently, Celine’s bust went from a 34A to a 34FF, and along with her breast, her confidence also increased a lot. She’s not shy when it comes to flaunting her body on Instagram, and she basks under the attention of her more than 60k Instagram followers.


“I'm finally happy again that I can live the life I always wanted. Also, it makes me feel stronger than I was before. If someone says anything bad about me, I don't care. Nobody can hurt me anymore,” Céline stated, and continued:

“I wanted to be happy again, so I changed my look and everything I didn't like about myself. We live in a time when we can change something if we like it, so I took this chance.”

As for her former bullies, Centino says she wouldn’t give them the time of day is they approached her today. “ I would ignore them. They never gave me a chance, so they don't deserve to talk to me,” she said.

Since plastic surgery is still a taboo for many people, Centino says she gets critics from time to time from people that invalidate her beauty because it’s “all plastic.” However, most of her male fans on social media have nothing but praises for her, boosting her ego, even more, knowing that she’s the object of desire of many.

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