Legendary Jerry Springer returns to TV

NBC Universal produced a new daytime courtroom series called ‘Judge Jerry’ and will be hosted by 74-year-old Jerry Springer.

The series will handle small claims cases and is set to premiere next fall, following the end of the final 28th season of ‘The Jerry Springer’ show known for its outlandish segments.

Jerry Springer, a former news anchor, politician, and attorney will wear a judge’s robe while seated behind a desk, in typical courtroom series fashion. 

Also similar to other courtroom television shows, ‘Judge Jerry’ will be taped in a courtroom setting with a bailiff while two litigants square off against each other. 

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The show is expected to incorporate notorious elements of the current ‘The Jerry Springer’ show as ‘Judge Jerry’ presides over cases in the new show.

Longtime studio home of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ in Stamford, Connecticut will become the new home for Jerry Springer’s new show and is expected to air in the same timeslot as his current show on 3 pm weekdays. The season premiere is set to start after the last episode of Season 28 of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ airs in the fall of 2019. 

The longtime television show, ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ graced daytime television screens for 27 years after it was first broadcast in 1991, and ran for a total of 4,000 episodes. In June NBC Universal quietly announced the cancellation of the show after which Jerry Springer commented:

“A deal has been made with The CW, and so our show will be on in most cities twice a day. It will be mostly from the shows we’ve done, so every once in a while you’ll be seeing shows where I look a lot younger.”

So for the die-hard ‘ The Jerry Springer Show’ fans reruns of old episodes will continue to air in most areas of the United States even after the airing of the last show, while also getting to enjoy his new show, ‘Judge Jerry.’

However, a few shows got canceled this year, either due to disappointing ratings, or the exit of their stars while others did not fit in with new programming projects.

Due to the scandal surrounding Roseanne Barr, the cancellation of the longtime comedy show featured in the news periodically in 2018 and got replaced by ‘The Conners’ spinoff starring the rest of the Conner family without Roseanne Barr.

After four seasons of ‘The Librarians’ on TNT, starring Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and others, it got decided not to renew for a 5th season and got canceled earlier this year.

The popular police drama starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, ‘Shades of Blue’ from the studio of NBC also ended after only three seasons, while the political drama ‘Scandal’ made it to 7 seasons after it's cancellation got announced.

ABC also announced the end of their popular comedy, ‘The Middle’ after it ran for nine seasons, followed by the cancellation of their FBI drama, ‘Quantico,’ that ran for 3 seasons and got off on a promising start, but after ratings dropped significantly they made the decision to cancel the series.

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