Kourtney Kardashian gets criticized heavily over son's long hair in new photo

Aby Rivas
Nov 27, 2018
09:51 P.M.
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In a new episode of a Kardashian being mom shamed, Kourtney K. has been getting some hateful comments about her youngest son’s hair in a recent pic shared to her Instagram. The mom three, of course, is ignoring the hate, and focusing on taking care of the Christmas gifts for her family.


After Thanksgiving, Kourtney Kardashian is already in a festive mood and decided to start her Christmas shopping early this year. But while some people have to do their shopping in stores and wrapped in layers of clothes to face low temperatures, she does it while basking under the sun in a tiny bikini.


In a recent pic shared to her Instagram, Kourtney looks fantastic as she flaunts her toned body wearing an animal printed two-piece bikini while sitting on a pool chair and balancing a MacBook on her lap. Her 3-year-old, Reign, is also in the shot. The boy is soaking wet, seemingly out of the pool, and rocking orange swimming shorts.


While the pic might seem innocent to many, just a mother and her child hanging out, other took great offense for two aspects of the photo. First, Reign’s gorgeous long hair, and second, the fact that he seems to be cold in the pic and Kourtney ignored him just to get her shot.


Alleged fans filled the reality star’s comment section with snark remarks disguised as concern.

“Are you not a super mom anymore? What happened?? Your son is clearly freezing out of the water and needs a towel. #priorities must be out the window! You have enough money to hire a nanny if you need help!” one user wrote, and another added, “So, your son is freezing, and you’re pretending to type? Great pic.”


They also had a lot to say about Reign’s hair: “Wait, her kid isn’t a girl!??? I just read he is a he? Kourt respect yourself and your kids and cut this poor kids hair. I thought this whole time he was a girl,” commented one clueless user. Another said,

“Please cut that boys hair. U do on Mason I don't get it. Sorry, u didn't have another girl but let him be a [boy] Cut his hair. So ridiculous. And don’t state that he wants it that long. Dear god, he is a child, he does not know any better. You did the same with Mason. What is your point?”



But as usual, Kourtney’s fans, and people with common sense that know telling other moms what do is not right came to her defense. “Comments regarding innocent children are so unnecessary,” wrote one user. “He’s a little boy for goodness sake…long hair, short hair, no hair…does it really matter?”

Another chimed in to say “Anyone who can sit there & judge someone for their son having long hair needs to grow up! My goodness do y'all have anything else better to do? Get a life. Love his hair.”


Kourtney has been ignoring the hateful comments, as she remains unbothered while enjoying her luxurious life with her controversial family.


On Thanksgiving, the entire Kardashian clan, minus Khloé, reunited for a family dinner. Kourtney shared a pic with her Mason, Penelope, Reign and their dad, Scott Disick, to express how grateful she was with her family.

Even though Kourtney and Scott have had a troubled relationship after their split in 2015, it seems like the former couple is finally back on a good place and co-parenting in harmony for the sake of their three kids.