Groom bursts out in laughter after bearded best man in wedding gown switched places with bride

Aby Rivas
Nov 28, 2018
05:11 P.M.

A groom got the surprise of his life on his wedding day when, after turning around in what should have been the first time he saw his bride, he found his bearded best-friend in her place.


David Hofmann, 32, burst into a fit of laughter after being faced with the hilarious image of his best-man, Timmy Horton, 37, wearing a wedding dress and a veil. Hofmann was following the instructions of photographer Anna Morrison as she captured the traditional “first look” photo shoot.


Hofmann was supposed to turn around and see his bride in her wedding dress for the first time before heading down the aisle, but instead, he found Horton. Both men started laughing uncontrollably at the absurdity of the situation, with Hofmann embracing his friend in a hug afterward.


Morrison then proceeded to take photos for their fake “first look” photo shoot, as Hofmann asked Horton if he was really wearing his bride’s wedding dress.

“Right in that moment, I was anxious. I was trying to calm my nerves because I was about to see my bride for the first time. I was expecting to see Brianne, and I turned around to see Timmy in a wedding dress. He was pale and hairy, and we love each other very much but not in that way. I was falling down laughing," Hofmann told Fox News.



Brianne and Timmy had plotted the prank months ahead of the wedding after he saw some online wedding pranks and decided it would be fun to try one. Brianne was reluctant at first but then decided to tag along for the hoax.

“I really wanted a serious ceremony at first. I didn't want any of their shenanigans on the day, but a few months down the road I changed my mind," Dennis said.

Horton helped break the ice and the tension of the moment, helping his friend to loosen a bit as he got ready for the real “first look” ceremony. “I was really nervous and anxious because it's my best friend and I love the bride and groom so much,” the prankster stated. “When it happened, I just couldn't restrain myself, and I burst out laughing. I think it really broke the ice and the tension.”



After the giggles died down, Brianne and David got to experience the real thing. And when he saw his real bride for the first time, wearing an even more gorgeous dress, the groom was overcome with emotion.


“It was very funny, and then I got to do the real first look. Brianne has always been beautiful, so I didn't expect anything less,” Hoffman said. And continued:

“There had been so much building up to that moment that when I first saw her, all of a sudden I just felt complete. I'll remember the day and that moment forever.”

Brianne and David tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, Wash. on November 17.

Anna Morrison, the photographer, added: “We made a forever memory and laughed so hard everyone was crying.”


Last July, another bride decided to prank her groom with a similar move. But instead of the best friend, she sent her brother in a wedding gown to surprise her groom at the “first look” photo shoot.


Heidi Zherelyev, from Arizona, noticed that her boyfriend Val was extremely nervous on their wedding day, so she decided to call the big guns and help him relax a bit. She had already thought of the prank with her best friend but had put it on pause.

However, after watching just how jittery her soon-to-be-husband was, she decided to pull through with it. The chosen one was her brother, Eric, who didn’t hesitate to slip into an old wedding dress and even put on his sister’s deodorant and perfume to fool the groom.


Heidi watched the scene unfold from her window, and the photographer also captured the moment Val turned around to see his brother-in-law instead of his bride. The reaction was the same, he burst in laughter and then hugged the other man.

“He was already smiling when we did the actual first look," Heidi told WFMY, proud of her prank and the fact that it helped Val relax. "We were able to have a very intimate, special moment because he wasn't so nervous."

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