Miley Cyrus' awkward joke about JHud's private life that sparked a feud on 'The Voice'

Tensions may have boiled over behind the scenes and away from the cameras on the set of the popular singing contest "The Voice" during a previous season.

As Life and Style Mag reported, coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton supposedly enjoyed teasing 26-year-old Miley Cyrus about her on-again, off-again engagement to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth on the set of "The Voice."

Unfortunately, they had eventually caught her on a bad day where she was in no mood for their constant mocking, and she turned around and suggested they instead pick on Jennifer Hudson about her seemingly never-ending engagement.

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While Cyrus was simply trying to shift the focus away from her and her relationship, it seems that the “Hannah Montana” star had terrible timing, because Hudson was allegedly standing right behind her.

Hudson, 37, had been engaged to former professional wrestler David Otunga for almost a decade when Cyrus said that. The two split up a month later, revealed E! Online.

An unnamed insider reported that the room immediately got tense after Cyrus made her comment, and Hudson reportedly got in her face to tell her never to mention her personal life or her fiancé’s name ever again.

It seems the men on set were also having some relationship issues among themselves, as their bromance was believed to have cooled off significantly.

People on set say that it wasn't noticeable on camera as the pair were always teasing one another and bickering when pitching themselves to a singer. However, off-camera, their friendship supposedly felt forced, whereas before they got on like a house on fire.

The 14th season of “The Voice” ended on May 22. Brynn Cartelli from Massachusetts won the show. Her coach was Kelly Clarkson, often dubbed as the rookie for Shelton and Levine.

For the 15th season, Clarkson stayed with Levine and Shelton to try to defend the crown. The fourth coach was Hudson, who has taken that role two times so far.

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