Boy breaks down in tears as he remembers his sisters, victims of a quadruple murder

The Philadelphia community is still reeling in shock after a gruesome quadruple murder which took place over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The four victims were found dead in a basement on November 19, 2018, after a family member called the Philadelphia Police and asked for a welfare check.

The Police determined that the victims, two men, and two women had been shot execution style. Police have charged one man with the murders, and have two more in custody pending further investigation, as reported by a friend of the victims' families on Twitter/Christie Ileto on November 29, 2018.

"Knowing that they are gone, I don't know what to do. It's like someone took a chunk out of me because I can't even see anymore."

Yasef Hall, Twitter/Christie Ileto, November 29, 2018.


The two female victims, Tiyaniah Hopkins, 20, Yaleah Hall, 17, were sisters, and their surviving brother Yasef Hall is shattered by his brutal loss. The two girls had been visiting Maurice Taylor, and his stepbrother, Akeem Mattox when the criminals struck.

Police believe that the two men had found a drug stash in a house they were renovating. They had contacted the perpetrators in an attempt to sell the drugs but ended up being victims of murder and robbery.

Philadelphia is rated the most violent of the 10 most populous cities in America, with over 1,800 shootings in 2018 alone.


The Philadelphia Police have charged Jahlil Porter, 32, with murder and robbery, and is holding two unidentified men in custody pending charges. The grandmother of the two girls, Sharon Hopkins, has confided that though she is relieved that the criminals have been caught, it is no consolation for her loss.


The family and friends of the two girls gathered at the corner of 9th and Lehigh and paid homage to their beloved departed. They held up balloons, and photographs depicting special moments in the two girls' brief lives. Their brother Yasef, was inconsolable and wept at the loss of his siblings.


Deborah Davis, Taylor's mother, refuses to believe that her son would have been involved in any kind of criminal activity, let alone dealing with drugs.

The Police have yet to establish the provenance of the drugs the two victims had allegedly attempted to sell to their killers. It is thought that neither of the young women had any knowledge of the proposed drug deal, or even of the existence of the drugs.


Philadelphia may be the city of brotherly love, but crime rules the city. It is rated the most violent of the 10 most populous cities in America, with over 1,800 shootings in 2018 alone.

Most of the victims were in their 20s and statistics indicate that there is an average of 15,556 violent crimes against people every year; and another 49,354 property crimes, such as robbery and fraud.

Many of the crimes in Philadelphia are believed to be connected to either drug use, or dealing.

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