Distressing discovery: 4 puppies left for dead after being abandoned in freezing conditions

Dec 04, 2018
05:36 P.M.

Four two-weeks-old puppies were abandoned in freezing conditions at a historical university campus, shoved in a plastic bin liner.


According to the Reading Chronicle, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is investigating the details regarding who could have left the tiny puppies to die in lethal conditions.

The four pups – two male and two female – were found in a plastic bin liner at Whiteknights Lake, near the University of Reading, Berkshire. They were so small that they could hardly open their eyes.

Following the discovery, RSPCA staff were immediately notified. They rushed to the location and rescued the pups. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.


“It is heartbreaking to think someone could just put them in a bag and leave them to die - there is never an excuse for treating animals with such cruelty.”

The little ones were taken to a veterinary surgery for emergency treatment. A spokesman for RSPCA stated that the pups were lucky to be alive.

According to Justine Hermon, “The puppies are very lucky to have been found." At this age there is no way they would have survived on their own.

Source: Facebook/The Reading Chronicle

Source: Facebook/The Reading Chronicle

The pups are now under the care of a foster provider. Out of the four pups, the two males were named Ruby and Chestnut and the two girls were named Ivy and Tinsel.

"They are now with a foster carer, who is looking after them around the clock as they are completely reliant on hand-rearing to replicate the care their mum should be giving them,” Hermon further updated on the pups.

Source: Facebook/The Reading Chronicle

Source: Facebook/The Reading Chronicle

RSPCA has requested for information regarding the identification of the person who might have abandoned the animals.

“It is heartbreaking to think someone could just put them in a bag and leave them to die – there is never an excuse for treating animals with such cruelty,” a spokesperson for RSPCA told The Reading Chronicle.

Hermon has also appealed people to contact their organization if they had seen anything suspicious regarding the incident.


In another similar incident, workers at the Animal Clinic of Wagoner also discovered six abandoned puppies that were left outside their clinic in the freezing cold for over 12 hours.

Contrary to the case in the University of Reading, the person who left the puppies in the lethal condition was caught on the vet’s surveillance video.

Previously, another dog made headlines because of its smart thinking following the abandonment from its previous family. The dog's previous owner had moved and left the dog behind to battle cold and loneliness.

However, the smart dog managed to build itself a makeshift home in the family's trash, where it stayed protected from cold until he was rescued.

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