Jennifer Lopez unsure if she'll get married to Alex Rodriguez

Ellen DeGeneres tried her best to make Jennifer Lopez say whether or not she and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez would get married in her show.

During a segment of the show, Ellen made up a story about Alex texting her earlier that day saying that he and Jennifer would get married, to what the “Dinero” singer laughed and assured that he didn’t say so.

Since the host kept talking about the message, Jennifer asked her to show the text, to what Ellen wisely responded, “I don’t have my phone with me. I’m working.”

Later, Ellen was straightforward and asked Jennifer whether or not she and Alex would get married, but the singer said she didn’t know. The host said that they should because they look “very happy.”

As a way to add pressure, Ellen pointed out that getting married in Christmas would be “a good thing to do,” but Jennifer stayed silent for a while and then looked at the audience while laughing.

After that, Ellen changed the topic saying that Alex allegedly told her that he was planning on getting a “romantic, thoughtful, but inexpensive” gift to Jennifer for Christmas. Again, Jennifer laughed saying, “Did he say inexpensive? That’s not going to work.”

Reaching the end of the segment, Ellen set clear that she would find out when Jennifer and Alex will get married. The singer waved “no” at the camera, but Ellen said, “You’re not leaving here until we find out.”

Even though Jennifer and Alex might not know whether they will get married or not, they have been almost inseparable since their red-carpet debut in May 2017 at the Met Gala. Jennifer is not shy about their relationship as she even calls him her “twin soul.”

Ellen probably was forcing the singer to spill the beans because of the engagement rumors sparked in October, when Jennifer was spotted with a huge diamond ring in Boston at Games 1 and 2 of the World Series.

If the couple gets married, it would be Jennifer’s fourth marriage and Alex’s second. The singer has been married to Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony, while the former MLB star walked down the aisle with Cynthia Curtis but got divorced a decade ago.

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