Video of man rapping his wedding vows to his bride is still pure gold

Reginald Ousley surprised everybody in the middle of his wedding ceremony when he rapped his vows to LL Cool J’s song “I Need Love.”

In the clip that the man uploaded to Instagram, he appeared wearing black pants and a white blazer while reading (and rapping) his vows on his phone. His wife, Kianna, put on a beautiful bride dress and was smoothly dancing to her man’s song.

One of the aspects that attracted more attention was Reginald’s groomsmen behind him, who were dancing side to side while he opened up his feelings in an ingenious way.


In the caption, Reginald pointed out that he got a rapping coach and a producer, proving that it was not just a random last-minute thought. When the video hit the Internet, several people took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

Most of them congratulated him on the marriage while others admitted that his cover of “I Need Love” was outstanding. Others pointed out that Reginald’s rap was “beyond good.”


Soon after Reginald uploaded that clip, Kianna took to social media to set clear that she had gotten “a million” text messages and mentions. She thanked everybody for the positive messages and added that the comments were hilarious.

“I actually LOVED my husband’s vows it was exactly what we needed after my emotional vows and the passing of my father… It was beyond creative and original considering that he’s actually a minister! Love you baby and your vows were PERFECT,” confessed Kianna.


Even though it is uncommon, Reginald’s wedding was not the only one with a rap surprise. During Sam Jack’s wedding, his brother and best man Adam delivered a unique speech for the couple.

After reading his thoughts in a calm, common way, he asked the DJ to “drop that beat” and started rapping both funny and real bars addressing the guests, the bride, bridesmaids, and the couple’s love story.

“Chatting up the girls was a mystery | Sam picked out Leo and the rest was history | 'Cross the US the pair have traveled the world | And maybe soon we'll see a baby boy or girl | Cause I want to be the fun uncle 'Ad' | Helping you guys out in the good and the bad," rapped Adam.

At the end of the clip, all guests seemed excited after Adam told them to raise their drinks and get drunk.

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