Dolly Parton's Admission about Wearing Wigs Due to a Weakness for Beauty Enhancements

Pedro Marrero
Apr 22, 2019
11:39 P.M.
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Dolly Parton is famous for her extreme displays of glamour any time she appears in public.


The iconic performer is particularly fond of wearing wigs, a detail she has never been shy to discuss. She shared her reasons for this.

The 72-year-old Country music legend has no problem admitting her weakness for beauty enhancements, and was very outspoken about the subject in a 2003 interview.

The "Jolene" singer revealed to have started wearing wigs when she considered that her hair was getting too thin to match the character she had created throughout her long career.



With time, she realized dying and styling her real hair was not going to be enough. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.  

The celebrity is so committed to her carefully crafted a public image that she claimed that nobody had ever seen her without heavy makeup and bombastic wigs, as she doesn’t want to disappoint her loyal fans by failing to meet her own standards.


Parton has always openly championed an artist’s artificiality as part of the creative work, and she believes that when authenticity comes from one’s soul and talent, there is nothing wrong with being outwardly "phony."

Despite acknowledging that so many things about her persona are artificial, she is optimistic in her belief that people know her enough to know that underneath her carefully produced persona there is an authentic human being.


"I’ve been around a long time. Long enough for people to realize that there’s more to me than the big hair and the phony stuff. The magic with me is that I look completely false when I’m completely real," she said.

Parton remains one of the most honored artists in the history of Country music. 25 of her albums have been certified as Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum in the U.S, proving that her artistic relevance has never been questioned for her looks.  


The "Here You Come Again" singer has come to accumulate a myriad of wigs in her wardrobe. She recurred to them to stay true to her character and with time she found them to be one of her greatest resources.

Even if her signature style comes from the outdated sense of glamour of an authentic country girl, she stuck to it for decades and doesn’t seem to be letting it go any time soon.


She believes she looks better like that, as she doesn’t think of herself as natural beauty.

The star joked about failing to imagine a situation that could force her to leave her room with no makeup, not even if her long-time husband Carl Dean was "dying of a heart attack."

Parton is so self-conscious about her appearance that her own manager Ted Miller once claimed to have never seen his client without all her appendages. According to him, she has to be in full regalia any time they meet.


"She may sleep in it. I assume Carl Dean has seen her not in full-regalia," added Miller.

When Patron was celebrating 50 years of recording career The Guardian’s Tom Lamont met Parton for an interview amid one of her concert tours.

The journalist witnessed how her staff had to corroborate she was ready before anybody could get to see her. "Dolly’s coming off hot," he quoted her team by saying as their way to announce that she was in full character.