Woman spends $76,000 to get 'the perfect female body'

Fulvia Pellegrino doesn’t mind spending tens of thousands of dollars just to achieve what she deemed as the perfect woman’s body.

The 56-year-old transgender woman, from Italy, has undergone various cosmetic procedures and surgeries costing her more than $76,000.

Her body transformation entailed 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, four breast implants, and two rounds of liposuction.

On her bum alone, Fulvia spent $13,000. And there’s no stopping for her. She is planning on going through more surgeries in her pursuit of the perfect face and body.

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Through all of it, she has the full support of her wife, Marisa, who has become more like a sister to her than a wife.

Unlike her wife, though, Fulvia's parents refused to support her plans for body transformation.

They tried getting Marisa to sign a paper agreeing to send Fulvia into a psychiatric institution to make her change her mind.

“It was very hard, when my father passed away they didn’t let us go to the funeral because they were ashamed of us. The only people who accepted me were my brothers,” Marisa said in an interview.


In 2004, against her parents’ wishes, she pursued her goal by having breast implants, a nose job and a facelift.

She underwent three more breast augmentations and liposuction. Later, she got numerous fillers in her cheeks and lips.

As her cosmetic surgeries and procedures began to drain him financially, Fulvia sold her guns, cars, as well as a house in France to pay for the expensive cosmetic surgeries

The pair now survives on the wage of Marisa alone, who earns her living working as a holistic therapist.

Despite the economic burden on her part, Marisa is happy to support Fulvia’s desire for achieving the perfect look. They also learned not to mind their neighbors in their town of Peveragno who have shunned them because of Fulvia’s decisions.

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