If you forgot to buy a present, use our list of last minute Christmas gift ideas

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 10, 2018
08:54 A.M.

Christmas season is a busy time, which is why many of us often have to do last-minute gift shopping.


Thinking about what to buy at the last minute can be even more stressful. To help you with this, we present you a few ideas from the Life Hacker.

1. Buy Packaged Gifts at the Grocery Store

You can purchase packaged gifts, which can be simple fruit baskets or gourmet packaged candies and other groceries. You can also assemble your own basket if you have extra time. If you think packaged gifts or fruit baskets are a little too bulky, you may also buy gift cards instead.


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2. Give Fancy Food or Coffee as a Gift

Anyone would appreciate being given a fancy coffee or anything that’s limited edition. If you are pressed for time, you can simply grab the fanciest coffee on the shelves or some super limited edition box of candy.

3. Give a Museum Membership


This gift will definitely delight someone who is into culture and heritage. There are museums that offer premium subscriptions that entitle one to several perks, including access to special events, screenings, book signings, late-night tours, social events, and other fancy affairs.

4. Give Favors Instead of Objects

Helping someone out with ordinary chores or other simple gestures of help can mean the world to someone, more than any objects.


Helping around the house - like taking down holiday decorations - can be a non-material gift that your parents, relatives or friends will deeply appreciate.


5. Give them an Experience, or Plan One

Another non-material gift is giving an experience or creating memories with your loved one. Intangible but memorable gifts can mean more to someone more than any expensive objects.

A few ideas include taking a road trip, spending an evening at the opera, taking a cooking class together or taking a vacation together.

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