Man cancels wedding due to his bride's heartless reaction to her sister's miscarriage

A shocked groom cancels his entire wedding after his bride-to-be has a heartless reaction to her sister's miscarriage.

A wedding planner has exposed the story of a Bridezilla. According to the planner the bride’s sister was supposed to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

However, she gets pregnant and the Bridezilla came to the conclusion that her pregnancy is inconvenient. She decides her sister cannot be a part of the wedding and throws a fit at her poor timing. 

The sister is apparently quoted as telling the Bride, “We’ve been trying for three years. While the wedding may be your day, you knew what I was going through to get the chance to have a baby.”

The terrible bride then kicked her sister out of her wedding. She claimed she did not "want to deal with the problems" her sister's pregnancy will cause the wedding.

The wedding planner was flabbergasted. The bride's sister silently walked out and did not say another word to her sister.

 A few months after the first incident, the bride and her mother met with the wedding planner again. During their meeting, the bride's mother left to take a call from her other daughter.

She came back with a tear-soaked face. According to the planner, she had missed most of the meeting and clearly, the important call had been heartbreaking.

The mother told the bride that the call was from her sister. She went on to tell her that her sister had miscarried

.While the wedding planner felt heartbroken for the family, the self-absorbed bride shocked the entire room. She simply replied, “Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she’s not pregnant anymore.”

The distraught mother of the bride immediately snaps. She turned to the wedding planner and in a soft but deadly tone tell her, "I’m so sorry to have wasted your time, but it looks as though I won’t be financing the wedding anymore. It looks like my daughter will be taking over paying for everything. I hope this doesn’t cause your business any trouble.”

Suddenly, the otherwise emotionless bride is horrified. In a panic, she starts begging her mother and demanding why she made the decision to not pay for the wedding.

The bride continued to freak out. She was shrieking, waving her arms, screeching horrified questions, and getting more and more panicked as her mom gave her no answers to her demanding questions.

They eventually left. The mum stoic and undeterred by her begging daughter. When the groom heard how cold and bratty the bride had behaved he canceled the entire wedding the next day.

Facebook users stood by the decision. One commenter wrote, "I'm glad he found out what he's like before the wedding."

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