Michael Landon's Adult Daughter Is a Real Beauty and a Great Actress

Who remembers "Bonanza," "Little House On The Prairie" and "Highway To Heaven"? Jennifer Landon, the daughter of the star of those projects, sure does.

It is quite likely that you've already seen her work, and been captivated by her beauty without realizing who her father was! Jennifer had never made much of a noise about her connection at all, and has made a point of making her own way in Hollywood.

In Smashing Interviews Magazine on July 19, 2017, she allowed the public into her private world as the daughter of a legend.

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Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

“When somebody passes away, they get a golden kind of image. When anybody passes away. Dad had a really golden image. Period," said Jennifer.

In fact, this lady has won an Emmy three times in her career and starred in many shows such as "House," "The Young and the Restless," "Banshee," and the TNT drama "Animal Kingdom."

Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

Jennifer was seven years old when Michael passed away, and it took her a long time to realize how famous he really was.

The actress admitted that her father was exactly what people imagine; a gentle, calm, and loving man. Life in her family, she added, was truly magical and tranquil.

One of her fondest memories of her father was from her fourth or fifth year. It had snowed, and her father took her out into the backyard where she discovered the snow was pink!

Michael had tinted and flavored the snow with a popular strawberry drink which her mom had forbidden as "too sweet." The two waded through the snow with spoons scooping up it up and eating it!

Following her father's passing, Jennifer discovered herself following in his footsteps, and her talent is part of his legacy.

Maybe one day we will watch a Landon grandchild with the same electrifying ability, and that same sweet smile as Michael and Jennifer Landon share.

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