December 30, 2018

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman sang in the car and their fans are loving it

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Power couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman shared an adorable video of them singing a duet inside their car. Many people believed that it just might be the cutest duet ever.

Urban posted the video on his official YouTube channel two years ago and scroll down to watch the footage of their duet below.

In the clip, Urban and Kidman, 51, can be seen singing along the words to a popular hit from the country icon, “The Fighter.”

Kidman couldn't contain her excitement when the song started to play on their vehicle’s stereo. Follow us on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, to learn more.



“Oh my God, I love this song!” Kidman can be heard saying in the video. To which Urban hilariously responds, “Thank goodness!”

The pair then began to sing the song to each other with Urban doing most of the heavy lifting with the difficult notes and the actress complementing him.


As they continue singing the song inside their car, Urban and Kidman can be seen giggling, smiling, and flirting with one another.

The hit song that the couple sang was actually born out of Urban’s conversation with Kidman. In the conversation, Urban was trying to assure Kidman that he was a “good bet” for her.


The country music singer co-wrote the song along with other writers and performed it with Carrie Underwood. But it was inspired by a conversation that the couple had before they tied the knot.

“I was a safe place and I would take care of her, and she could remain vulnerable and precious and that I would try and keep the world away from her so she didn’t have to be hardened," Meaww quoted Urban as explaining.


Many people adored the song for this reason. After all, Urban, who made his solo American debut in 1999, finally sang it with his muse.

This isn't the first time that the couple has blended their voices.

In 2013, Kidman joined Urban and other famous Australian stars on stage for an incredible performance of a classic song, “I Still Call Australia Home,” by Peter Allen song.


This performance took place when Oprah Winfrey went to Australia to film a special for her television show.

When Urban appeared on stage, the crowd was quite delighted to see him. However, the crowd erupted in applause and cheering when Kidman came out from behind the choir to join Urban at his side.

Along with the other stars and the choir, the couple, who tied the knot 12 years ago,  started singing together.