Dog couldn't stop crying after his family abandoned him at a shelter

After being left at the shelter, a dog named AJ was caught on tape weeping inconsolably. The owners claimed that they could no longer take care of him.

The video uploaded on Facebook revealed the dog crying in the animal shelter and it has moved thousands of social media users making the video go viral.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, an organization responsible for helping dogs suffering from abuse or neglect to find a new home, posted the video of the crying dog after he realized that he was being abandoned at the shelter.

The crying pup is a pit bull and Labrador mix that arrived at the animal shelter in California in 2016. The viral images that have come out are from the day he arrived at the shelter and was being left there by the owners.

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The pup named AJ was recorded to be around seven years old in his adoption record. The record further suggests that AJ is a dog of ‘sweet’ personality, loving and noble, as well as an enthusiastic dog with a lot of energy.

His previous family has said to have left him at the shelter because they could no longer take care of him, and provide him the right kind of care and attention he required.

The dog was delivered along with his brother, another dog named Toby. They traveled over a long distance tied by the same rope. The dogs arrived at the shelter feeling confused and AJ even suffered from abandonment.

After going viral and being viewed all across the world, the video was used by several animal organizations to encourage people to adopt a dog instead of buying.

The video was uploaded last year when AJ arrived at the shelter, but the images of the day of his arrival were only made public recently.

Fortunately, only a few days after the upload of the video, AJ was adopted by his new family.

Animals have always shown a capacity to feel sadness or joy just as humans do. Our pets, especially, show special attachment to us and feel a sense of abandonment when humans cast them aside.

Another dog named Hunter also showed a similar disheartened emotion after being left at a shelter prompting one of the workers to sit on the floor to comfort him.

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