White woman in Target goes on racist tirade at 3 black women over conversation about Eartha Kitt

Lena Jones uploaded to her Facebook page the video of an altercation she and two other women had with a customer in a Target store in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the now-deleted clip, the three black women were in the store while a fourth lady, who was white, was complaining and arguing with them because they allegedly were talking about sex in public.

The unnamed lady, who was labeled as “Target Tammy” after the incident, refused to move on even when Jones and her friends turned their backs on and ignored her for a while.

At some point during the conversation, the "Target Tammy" said, “You were talking about sex in public — are you having sex in public? Because that’s what you screamed out loud,” to what the group of women responded that all they did was referring to Eartha Kitt in the 1992 film “Boomerang.”

Target’s employees intervened and, after talking and calming things down, “Target Tammy” left and the video ended.

Even though Jones deleted the clip soon after she posted it, a Twitter user uploaded it, too, and it went viral in no time.

One of the three women, who asked her name to remain private, explained to Yahoo that she, her cousin, and a friend stopped by the Target store to buy a phone charger.

Once there, they urged one of the members of the group to try on a hat that looked like something Kitt’s character would wear.

However, the woman said no “because her character had sex with a younger man.” That was the sentence that started the argument as “Target Tammy” allegedly chimed in and told them that they shouldn’t talk about sex in public.

The woman reportedly started “ranting,” saying that they didn’t belong there, and calling their conversation “inappropriate.”

“I understand you’re an abuser. I understand you’re abusive and you make up lies. Keep telling me I’m ignorant… Personal attacks… I also didn’t realize talking about sex was normal,” said the angry customer.

Thankfully, things didn’t escalate as the Target employees did a great job. The unnamed member of the group set clear that the store’s workers could have just kicked them out, but they took their time to listen and manage the situation in the best possible way.

One of the workers, Oressa, even got a “thank you” card from the group of women for the professionalism she showed during the altercation.

Unfortunately, it was not the first time that a racist event takes places in a public establishment. Lennys Bermudez, a woman from Arizona, uploaded a clip on social media showing a white woman saying that she wanted the entire US to be white.

One of the worst things that the lady told to Bermudez, who is Puerto Rican, was: “You’re going to be wiped out. Trust me.”

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