Remember these legendary 'Precious Moments'? Some statues can now be sold for over $2,000 each

In 1974 an American artist named Sam Butcher started the Precious Moments franchise. His drawings later inspired figurines which could be worth thousands of dollars today.

Precious Moments ornaments originally sold in stores for $15 when they first came on the market in the 70s. Today each of the 21 figurines could be worth over ten times their original price.

The figurines were all designed in a similar style, with teardrop eyes and kind facial expressions. They all portray wholesome scenes with Christian themes.

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Out if all 21 Precious Moments ornaments originally released, there is one that currently has the highest resale value on eBay. Its name is “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver.”

This figurine depicts a little blonde girl in a dress with a wheelbarrow of puppies which she is giving away for free. It can currently be sold for between $188 to $2000, depending on the condition it is in.

Paul Burton, who works for an antique ornament seller, says:

“I don't believe I have seen one actually sell for more than half of that, although they are still occasionally listed for sale in that price range.”


The prices of antique items are not arbitrary and are calculated by taking certain factors into consideration. This is also the case of the Precious Moments figurines.

The resale price is based on age, condition, whether it is in its original packaging or not, status, limited edition, and signed items.

Figurines which are older, in an excellent condition, in their original packaging, no longer produced by factories, limited edition, and signed by the artist; then it will be worth more than those that are not.

In order for a Precious Moments ornament to be sold for a high price, it should fulfill as many of the above requirements.

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