How to make Christmas balls with just 4 ingredients

Watch how simple it is to make delicious Christmas balls with just four ingredients.

With regards to cooking desserts, peanut butter snowballs are one of the staples. You can buy it in store, but you can also make your own at home, mainly if you want to avoid all those artificial ingredients.

The recipe below is perfect for the holidays. You have to try it, according to Newsner.

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Source: YouTube/Six Sisters' Stuff

Source: YouTube/Six Sisters' Stuff


Firstly you need to prepare 1 cup powdered sugar, 3 tbsp melted butter, 1/2 cup peanut butter, and 400 g melted white chocolate.


1. Mix peanut butter, butter, and icing sugar into a bowl. Then blend it well.

Source: YouTube/Six Sisters' Stuff

Source: YouTube/Six Sisters' Stuff

2. Roll into balls. It's best to make small balls so your visitors can take more than one.

3. Put the balls in the freezer for around 30 minutes to keep their shape when you roll them in the white chocolate coating.

Source: YouTube/Six Sisters' Stuff

Source: YouTube/Six Sisters' Stuff

4. Break the softened white chocolate into little pieces. At that point put it in a bowl and warmth in a microwave. Make sure not to burn the chocolate, or it will become unusable.

5. Dip one ball at a time into the white chocolate. Roll them around using a fork until they’re covered. Let the excess drip off for a few seconds.

6. Put the balls back in the refrigerator until the point that the chocolate has solidified. Done.

Watch the clip below for a quick tutorial:

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