Transgender woman warns others that a "man can never become a real woman, or vice versa."

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 18, 2018
02:42 A.M.

Leanne Mills, a transgender woman, has cautioned others who want to take the path she has taken.


In an interview with Daily Mail, the 57-year-old Nottinghamshire native said she is a living testament that “no man can truly become a woman.”

Mills underwent a sex-change surgery when she was 34 years old. But 23 years after that life-changing procedure, she said she has never really found happiness.

After years of dressing sometimes as a man and sometimes as a woman, she finally had a sex-change surgery on the NHS at a clinic in Hove, East Sussex.


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“I can never be a woman. I was born male and it has taken me years to accept the truth that I am biologically still a man, whatever female hormones I swallow and whatever bits have been cut off me,” she said.

Mills said she doesn’t regret having a sex-change operation, but she advised transgender women not to rush into it.


“Today it’s trendy to be trans, especially among the young. I want to warn them that a man can never become a real woman, or vice versa. They are being oversold an impossible dream. They are being tricked,” she said.


Mills was born Lee Antony. At four years old, she began to feel she was in the wrong body. While attending an all-boys primary school, she was bullied because of her feminine behavior.

As a teenager, she would secretly try on her mother’s clothes.

“I hated my male self and couldn’t even look at my body naked in the mirror,” she said. “Dressing as a woman made me feel happy.”

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

After years of dressing sometimes as a man and sometimes as a woman, she finally had a sex-change surgery on the NHS at a clinic in Hove, East Sussex.

But this pursuit for the female body hasn’t given her the happiness she craves. She hasn’t found a good job despite being bright. She has never found someone who will accept and love her. She remains a virgin to this day.

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Mills said she is “only a facsimile of a woman” despite all her efforts to change her gender expression.

“I have seen my family torn asunder, friends turning away and my hopes of ever finding love dashed. I have been denied children and, therefore, grandchildren — the important relationships that other women enjoy at my time of life. I want to warn others of the reality of being a transsexual, and the tragedies it can bring,” she said.

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail



Fulvia Pellegrino would be able to relate to Mills’ story. The 57-year-old transgender woman spent a fortune in several different surgeries to achieve the perfect female body.

But she continues to face prejudice, even from her own family.

She said it was very hard for her when her father passed away because her family didn’t let her attend the funeral because they were too ashamed of her.

Despite this, Pellegrino vowed to continue going under the knife to transform into a woman.

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