Sweet photos of police officers' babies who were born around the same time went viral in 2018

Seven police officers all had babies around the same time in 2018, and the result of a joint photo-shoot went viral in no time. Get your tissues for this one, people.

When the wives of the seven Kentucky State Troopers realized their due dates were in close range, they decided to preserve the memory of the coincidence. When one of the moms suggested that they take a group picture, the other six agreed.

Melissa Sandusky, one of the moms, told Yahoo Lifestyle they just wanted to “commemorate” the special time in each of their lives.

“We already have a strong bond with one another being a part of the Kentucky State Police family, but now we get to celebrate new lives together, which is even more unique and special,” Sandusky said.

She called up her family photographer, Vicky Puckett with HUEit Photography by Vicky Lea. The mothers had to wait for the youngest child to be born and Sandusky helped organize custom onesies for all the babies.

The seven babies were “five girls and two boys all under 6 months,” and although the mothers initially planned only to take photos of the infants, they later decided to include the dads. As it turned out, that was the picture that resonated most with social media users.

Dressed in full uniform, the police officers were pictured cradling and looking down adorably at their respective babies. Another image was of both parents cuddling their babies and also one of the babies lying on a line with each one in front of Dad’s hat.

Puckett shared the photo of the kids with their dads on Facebook and wrote:

“Kentucky is blessed with the watchful eyes of the Kentucky State Police for seven days a week, 365 days a year! This year some of our officers were blessed with 7 miracles of their own!”

The post went up on November 19, 2018, and already has over 900 reactions and 300 shares.

Sandusky confessed that she expected the pictures to gain some attention in Kentucky, but was shocked by how the photos quickly went viral and were picked up by countless news outlets.

Even the Kentucky State Police department recognized the heartwarming photos and called them “a great representation of who is out there behind the badge serving our communities.”

Puckett, who did not take payment for the viral photo-shoot, was further inspired after the positive response to create a giveaway for first-responders.

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