Homeless man's breathtaking act of kindness during a social experiment still melts hearts

Aby Rivas
Dec 22, 2018
03:23 P.M.

The video of a social experiment went viral after a homeless man showed his big heart with an incredible act of kindness.


Johal, a famous YouTuber known for his pranks and social experiments, decided to give a homeless man some money, film his reaction and then give a twist to the story. The result proved that sometimes, those who have less are the ones who give most.

Source: YouTube/Johal

Source: YouTube/Johal

In the video, recorded in San Francisco near the Metreon Shopping Center, Johal approaches a sleeping homeless man and carefully places some money on his bag. Minutes later, when the man wakes up, he’s surprised to see the cash but looks excited and grateful by the anonymous stranger that helped him.

Source: YouTube/Johal

Source: YouTube/Johal


The man then walks up to a close Target store, with the filming crew following him without him noticing. He steps out with two bags full of blankets, probably to face the cold nights, and returns to his bench.

Johal then sits beside the man and starts talking on the phone with a friend, asking if he can borrow some money to buy his daughter’s medicines. The homeless man is intently listening to Johal, and after he hangs up, the man asks if he’s okay.

Source: YouTube/Johal

Source: YouTube/Johal

The uncover youtuber then explains that he is having a hard time financially and needs to get his daughter some medicines. In an unexpected turn of events, the homeless man asks Johal to watch out his bag for a few minutes and leaves with his shopping bags.


He returns empty-handed after returning the items and offers the money to Johal, who was a total stranger. The man says he can go by without a blanket and says the girl needs the medicines.

Source: YouTube/Johal

Source: YouTube/Johal

Satisfied with the homeless man’s kindness, Johal proceeds to explain the experiment, offering $500 to the man, who instantly starts crying in disbelief.

The viral video has earned over 8 million views, and people from all over the world have commented about the man’s kindness and his willingness to help others in need even though he is not in the best position to do so.

Source: YouTube/Johal

Source: YouTube/Johal


“Incredible but true. The people who have nothing give the most =) Beautiful,” wrote one user.

Another added, “Not All Heroes Wear Capes. In Fact, Heroes Are The Ones With A Heart. God Bless This Man,” and a third one chimed in to say “God bless this man, he has the kindest heart. What a wonderful human being.”


Kevin Booth, a 32-year-old homeless man who lives in Sumner, Washington, turned in a bag full of money to the local charity that has helped him so much in the past, earning the respect and praise of his community.

One morning in August, Booth paid an early visit to the Sumner Food Bank, which was still closed, and noticed a brown bag lying on the floor outside the food bank’s community breadbox. Not knowing what to expect, he picked up the bag and reached inside to find a $20 bill.


He waited for a food bank volunteer to arrive and handed the bag to her. The woman thought the bag was filled with food but was surprised to find $17k in cash inside.

"I got stopped later by (officers) and they told me what was in there and I just about fainted. I’ve never touched that much money and I don’t think I ever will again," Booth told the Seattle Times.

The money was kept by the authorities for 90 days, as regular procedure stipulates, but since nobody made a claim of ownership for the cash, the money went to the food bank. The plane to expand their building, which feeds about 1,000 people monthtly, including Booth.

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