Video of a capella group singing hilarious Christmas carol still makes people laugh out loud

Aby Rivas
Dec 22, 2018
05:46 P.M.

Acapella group Straight No Chaser has earned the hearts of people all over the country thanks to their hilarious lyrics and incredible vocal performances. They went viral with a rendition of “12 Days of Christmas,” but their original “Christmas Can-Can” had people in stitches.


The all-men group formed in 1997 by Indiana University students, is considered by many the best acapella group in the U.S. after their “12 Days of Christmas” video went viral back in 2007, the group signed a deal with Atlantic Records to release five studio albums.


Three of their five records are holiday-themed, and people love to attend their concerts over Christmas to hear their versions of classic Christmas carols. Last year, the nine men group delighted their audience with an original arrangement created by Walter Chase, the musical director.

The “Christmas Can-Can” had the audience in stitches, as it mixed several Christmas songs like “Joy To The World” with the fun chorus of the can-can dance. All dressed in black suits, the men put on a show as they did the can-can line and even mentioned other holidays like Hannukkah and Kwanza.

"It's time to do the Christmas can-can

If you can't, can't dance, well, that's OK (not going to do the kick line)

All you need is a tree, some lights about a thousand presents

Wrap them up and pray for snow

Run to your closet

Find your Christmas sweater

Screaming carols all the way (fa-la-la-la-la)

Maine all the way to California it's the Christmas can-can Halloween to Christmas day."

Source: YouTube/Straight No Chaser

Source: YouTube/Straight No Chaser

The energetic performance had the crowd clapping to the pace, as the men enjoyed the show, making the audience effortlessly laugh through the song and earning a warm reaction at the end of it.


This year, the group released their fifth album, “One Shot,” where they tried to recreate through the setlist their history as a group from the start to the day they went viral, starting their own families and traveling around the world to perform.


Talking to the St. Louis Today, Steve Morgan, one of the members of the group explained a bit about the album:

“We came up with the idea last year, and it was an exhaustive process of internet searches, database searches, and conversations in which we came up with ideas and different arrangements. There was a lot of debate and discussion.”


And continued:

“Everyone had their own ideas. There were nine different lists. Once we got three or four people saying the same thing, we said, ‘OK, these make sense,’” he says. “For me, these are the things that are our biggest benchmarks personally and professionally.”


The group is currently in the middle of their “One Shot Tour,” where they perform most songs of the album and some of the public’s favorites, meaning, the holidays songs.

“We’ve definitely covered a lot in that genre,” Morgan says of the Christmas carols. “We owe a lot of our career to that, and we don’t shy away from it. People say at the meet-and-greets we’re a part of their holiday tradition, and we’re honored to be a part of that.”

Even though they tour around all year, the group only covers Christmas songs in November and December, which makes it exciting for them and the audience.

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