Hotel guest kicked out & has cops called on him after taking a call from his mom in the lobby

A black guest at a Hilton Hotel in Oregon claims that the hotel staff racially profiled him and discriminated him after he took a phone call in the lobby which led to him being evicted from the property.

According to Jermaine Massey, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland called the cops on him for speaking on the lobby telephone to his mother. The hotel said that he was "posing a safety threat to other guests" and was causing a disturbance.


In a series of Instagram videos, Massey spoke about the incident, hoping to let people know what the Hilton management did to him. 

"I was racially profiled and treated unfairly for no other reason, other than from my point of view, my race. There were other patrons in the lobby at that time. none of them were questioned, and I was."

After watching a Travis Scott concert nearby, he received a phone call from his mother last Saturday night and proceeded to answer the call, worried that it would be an emergency as it was late at night. That's when a white hotel security guard named Earl approached him, asking if he was a guest at the hotel.

When he confirmed that he was a guest, he asked the guard to leave him alone as he was in the middle of a conversation, and that's when all hell broke loose. Earl the security guard accused Massey of trespassing and asked him to leave after he refused to say his room number. 

"He proceeds to call the cops on me for no reason, none, other than I was sitting in the lobby minding my business taking a phone call."

In the end, the guest had to pack his things from his room and leave the property, or else he'd be arrested for trespassing. He was not offered a refund for his room. 

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