Plus-size model finds a clever way to address body-shamers that compare her to a hippo

A viral photo compared her to a hippo, but it doesn’t bother confident plus-size model Tess Holiday.

The 33-year-old Mississippi native took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the photo that mocked her for her weight.

Body-shaming is nothing new in the modeling and entertainment industry.

“A lot of y’all have sent this to me so upset, so I’m sharing my thoughts on it for your peace of mind: Stuff like this doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t make me mad... I literally feel nothing. I’m beautiful, successful, happy & grateful. How could I have time to be bothered?” she wrote for her nearly 87,000 Twitter followers.

Holiday is conquering the modeling world, indeed. She graced the cover of Cosmopolitan U.K back in August 2018.

Source: Twitter/Tess_Holliday

Source: Twitter/Tess_Holliday

Among her previous modeling projects include a fashion shoot for Marie Claire UK’s December 2015 issue. She also worked with Canadian plus-size retailer Penningtons.


Holiday has quite a following on social media, with 1.8 million people following her Instagram.

Some of her fans were quick to defend her against body-shamers.

“Queen. Your confidence is so sexy,” wrote one fan.

Source: Twitter/Tess_Holliday

Source: Twitter/Tess_Holliday

Another one commented: “People who do this sort of thing are missing something in their lives and only feel validated by ‘taking someone down’. You however are a Queen and an inspiration. I know who I’d rather be.”


Body-shaming is nothing new in the modeling and entertainment industry.

Former “The View” co-host Candace Cameron Bure also experienced getting rude comments on social media for her body.

The snide remark came after Bure posted a picture of herself and her son Lev posing outside Nobu in Malibu. The duo had just stepped out to celebrate some positive news.

While several fans and followers of the ex-host of The View reacted with positive comments, one of them chose to write that Bure looked heftier than her husband, despite dieting and exercise.

Bure quickly shut down the rude fan, saying that her waist size was 25, and if that size looked overweight, then there was something wrong with the user’s perception. 

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