Mother says family is 'cursed by Christmas' as catastrophe occurs fourth time in a row

Odette Odendaal
Dec 28, 2018
09:12 P.M.

A heartbroken mother tells the tale of what she believes to be her Christmas curse.


For the fourth time in a row, this family’s Christmas was anything but festive, as thieves broke in and stole everything from the presents to the turkey.

This year the family decided to be prepared and locked about £1,000 worth of gifts in their locked garage in the hopes it will be safer there under a sturdy lock and key.

On Christmas Eve morning their 15-year-old son, Dylan, noticed someone had broken into the garage after he went to put the bins out. The thieves had struck on Christmas Eve, and took all the food Charlotte Bell had purchased for Christmas in addition to all the presents.


Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Convinced that the day is cursed, Charlotte and her family had to rely on the compassion of friends and family, to help save the day as much as possible.

After discovering the break-in, Dylan went back into the house and told his mum, mortified Charlotte said:

“I thought: 'Oh God no, I don't believe it.'All the kids' presents were there, along with the turkey and gammon which were defrosting and all the vegetables."

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Currently training to become a nurse at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Charlotte couldn’t believe Christmas was falling apart all over again and elaborated:

"I was devastated - we'd worked all year to buy the presents, and some horrible people had taken them and ruined Christmas for us."

The 33-year-old mother of three luckily kept some of the small presents in the house and could give the kids at least something to open on Christmas.

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Family and friends came together and lent them money to replace some stolen items. Charlotte and her husband felt bad for the children. Dylan was old enough to understand, but his two younger siblings were not.

With Santa still being very much Santa for the youngest two, it made the situation tricky, but after it all, they still managed to have Christmas. And as far as these things go, they usually happen at the most inconvenient times, as Charlotte said:


"It couldn't have come at a worse time money-wise because I'd spent all my December wages on paying the rent for January and buying all the Christmas food."

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

Source: Facebook/CannockChaseRadioFM

In 2015, their youngest, three-year-old Amelia was born prematurely and spent four months in the hospital’s intensive care unit. The following year, Charlotte's husband, 46-year-old Richard’s mother died, then following in 2017, Charlotte's father died days before Christmas.


What happened during and after the premature birth of Amelia, inspired Charlotte to become a nurse, so the family relocated to Birmingham from Cornwall last year. For them, it was a fresh start in a new place, but all they seem to have had lately are bad Christmas’s as Charlotte continued:

"My faith in people and Christmas ever being a happy occasion has gone. Christmas is all about love and happiness, but its magic has gone from our household again this year. We don't have a lot of money or a lavish lifestyle, and I work to provide my best. But I guess we're all together and are happy and healthy, and that counts for a lot."


They do indeed have a lot to be grateful for, they have family and friends that care about them, and they have each other. The thieves would have broken in regardless of where the presents were, but perhaps the fact that they were outside of the house minimized chances of detection, and who knows what would have happened under those circumstances.

When thinking of family curses the first and most famous that jumps to mind are the Kennedy Curse. Mysterious deaths spanned over every generation of the family tree.

Joseph Kennedy Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy both died in plane crashes in the late 1940s. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963, followed by his brother, Robert Kennedy’s death five years later when he got shot by Sirhan Sirhan in Los Angeles.


In the 80s one of Robert Kennedy’s children died of a drug overdose while another died following a skiing accident in the ’90s. John F. Kennedy Jr. together with his wife and her sister died in a plane crash in 1999. After struggling with psychiatric issues for years, Rosemary Kennedy died in 2005.

Curses can ruin Christmas, but as it turns out, so can teachers. First-graders at a Cedar Hill School in New Jersey got an unexpected rude awakening regarding all their favorite magical beings.


When the teacher asked the kids if they knew which holiday was upcoming, they excitedly replied, “Christmas!,” but they were not going to be excited for long.

She spilled all the secrets parents hide from the little ones. Santa is not real, and their parents buy their gifts and sneak it's in under the tree. Other characters were not spared, as the tooth fairy, reindeer, elves, the Easter bunny, and leprechauns were all outed.

Parents had their hands full with damage control, and not surprisingly, the teacher got fired. Ruining Christmas for small children on purpose thankfully had its consequences.

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