Boy, 9, who went missing from Englewood is now found

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 09, 2019
11:24 A.M.
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Michael Campbell's school sits just half a block away from his home. He went missing on Tuesday when he didn't come home from school.


The nine-year-old attends Harvard Elementary school. It stands on 75th Street and Harvard Avenue, just half a block from Campbell's Englewood home. 

Campbell, a fourth grader, was seen by his brother during lunch hour on Tuesday. He wore a maroon jacket, a maroon shirt, black pants, and orange and black Nike sneakers. He was found on Wednesday morning.

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On Tuesday, Campbell was seen on the school's security camera leaving the premises at around 3 p.m. His family noted his absence at about 5 p.m. and alerted police at 8:40 p.m.

The Chicago police reportedly looked for Campbell in a door to door overnight search. They used canines in the area. 

A book bag which contained unknown items was found in an alley. The family was unable to determine if it was the young boy's own.


Before he was found, Campbell's mother Elmarita Fletcher spoke to the media. She said: 

"He is literally my baby, he is the last one. Please, please come home. I’ve checked everything that I had to check. My family, my mother, my sister. That’s the only place that he go."

The boy's aunt, Allison Campbell said: 

“He’s only 9 years old. He’s not the type of kid that strays away from home and comes home later in the day. He’s not that type of kid."


Campbell stands at four feet and weighs 60 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair. He is the last of his 12 siblings. He was reunited with his father close to 73rd Street and Vincennes Avenue this morning.

Unfortunately, a teenage girl from Westbrook remains missing since December 25, 2018. Bridget Kelley, 17, disappeared for the third time following two instances in August 2018.


She was last seen wearing a gray Nike sweat suit and black Ugg boots. She carried an aqua-colored L.L. Bean backpack on Christmas day. 

The teenage girl spots red hair and has a piercing just above her lip. The police are asking the public to call them at 854-0644 if they have any information regarding Kelley's disappearance.

Another teenage girl was thought to have been missing in December 2018. Shalyha Ahmad strolled into the Chicago Police Department after a two-week missing alert. 

She said she was "never missing" at all after her parents dropped her off on December 14. When she didn't show up to an event later, the family began to worry. 

A lack of contact via phone or on social media also prompted Ahmad's parents to speak to the police. Thankfully, she was safe and sound.