Aretha Franklin's assets reportedly stolen before her death, criminal investigation opened

Singer, Aretha Franklin's assets were reportedly stolen before she died. Police have now launched a criminal investigation into the case.

According to recent reports, the R-E-S-P-E-C-T singer, Aretha Franklin was robbed of her assets before she died.  She died last year in August leaving millions of fans mourning for the Queen of Soul.

However, it seems not everyone was mourning. It is apparently believed that someone had stolen assets from the late singer before she passed.

Police are now launching a criminal investigation into the possible theft.

When Franklin passed away, her estate became embroiled in a battle with the IRS. The IRS claimed she owed millions in back taxes.

Now reports are surfacing that Franklin's assets were stolen previous to her passing. Law enforcement sources revealed that a criminal probe into the affair discovered that someone had been using Aretha's funds before she passed.

The amount that had been siphoned out of her accounts has not been disclosed. According to reports, the original report relating to the missing funds was filed last June, two months before Franklin passed away.

The investigation into Franklin's assets is set to continue. The IRS and legal fees threaten to use up the little money her estate currently has.

According to legal docs police in Michigan are conducting the investigation. They hope to catch the thief quickly.

 "I'm about to give you all of my money." Aretha had once sang, now fans think someone took the lyrics too literally.

Franklin had toured the world and became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She won 18 Grammys and two legacy awards. 

When she died, her lawyer was forced to make a statement explaining why the singer, supposedly worth $80 million, left no will. Her lawyer, Don Wilson revealed he had tried t to convince Franklin to draw up a will and trust for years but she adamantly refused.

"She understood the need. It just didn’t seem to be something she got around to." said her lawyer in his press release.

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