Marjorie Harvey fiercely defends daughter Lori against critic who called her a misogynist slur

Claudine Varela
Jan 11, 2019
12:35 P.M.

Marjorie Harvey had the perfect response to a person who said something offensive about her daughter. However, her response also came back to bite her.


Marjorie Harvey’s daughter, Lori Harvey has been shoved to the limelight lately for dating Trey Songz who’s thirteen years her senior. As a result, one social media troll questioned her character and earned the ire of her mother. Marjorie naturally clapped back.


Lori, who’s turning 22 on January 13, took to Instagram to signal her birthday coming up. She shared a photo of herself and captioned it “Capricorn Season.” Many were equally excited about her upcoming birthday but one fan swerved from the topic and asked an offensive question.

“They say she’s a hoe is it true?”

As any mother would, Marjorie came to her daughter’s defense and brutally responded to the commenter’s misogynist slur. Addressing the woman who maligned her daughter, she wrote,

“@thegirldoingthangz this is my daughter…not your mother.”


Marjorie’s witty diss earned the approval of fans who praised her for clapping back. However, like any social media outburst, her comment also earned some backlash. Those who were aware of Marjorie’s history used it to turn the tables on her.

“That’s real funny considering her mother, Marjorie, has a really nasty past is known to be Reckless with other people’s husband.”

“The hoes of all hoes has some nerve”

“Marjorie I’m a need you to sit this one out sis. We all know Marjorie a throwback hoe.”


The comments against Marjorie stemmed from her colorful past involving her two husbands.

Before she married her current husband, Steve Harvey, she was rumored to be having an affair with him while he was still married to his wife, Mary Shackelford. In fact, Shackelford filed a lawsuit accusing Steve of cheating on her with Marjorie but the petition was dismissed a few months later.


Before Steve, Marjorie was married to drug Lord Jim Townsend, the father of two of her children. Townsend was later imprisoned for his dealings and five years down the line, Marjorie hooked up with Donnell Woods, another drug lord who fathered Lori.

Meanwhile, Lori’s past isn’t as colorful though she’s been linked to several men. She was engaged to Dutch soccer star Memphis Day in 2017 but that didn’t pan out as planned. She was also rumored to have dated Future and P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs.

Regardless of her past, Lori is more focused on her relationship with Trey in the present. She and the singer have been spotted getting cozy since December fueling rumors about them. They don’t seem to mind the attention because Trey himself made their relationship public when he shared a photo of Lori’s foot on his cheek and wrote,

“I Like us…”


But Trey isn’t the only one Lori dotes on. Being the stepdaughter of Steve, Lori is also a step-aunt to the comedian’s grandchildren whom she adores. A few months back, she was photographed hugging Noah and Rose, children of Jason Harvey, and Elle who’s the daughter of Morgan Harvey. She referred to them as “Titi’s Angels” when she shared the photo on her Instagram.


Lori herself is an angel for caring for her nephew and nieces the way she does. How anyone could even think of branding her anything less is incredulous.

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