Teacher wrote tearful letter for pupils from her deathbed to thank them for their 'friendship'

A teacher drafted an emotional letter to her students thanking them for their companionship right before she died at a hospice.

Sue East from Bath, Somerset sadly passed away at just 59 years of age, but she decided to leave behind a note of hope and encouragement for her students at St. Andrew’s Church School.

The headteacher, a mother to three children, wrote in her inspiring letter that she enjoyed her time at St. Andrew’s and she thanked all the children for making her life better.

“It's an amazing school and you are all amazing children. I never thought I could find so much joy in my work. Thank you all for sharing your joy and friendship with me.”

Sue East, Daily Mail, January 10, 2019

East also wrote about how much she enjoyed her work. She never expected to find so much joy in what she did, and she credited it all to the children for making it possible for her.

Further opening up about her death in the letter, East beautifully wrote, “Now it will soon be time for me to move on to new adventures.”

She explained that she imagined herself journeying on a little boat, a “coracle,” that carries her “home to the land of the angels.”

She also quoted a lengthy passage from 1952 novel, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” written by C.S. Lewis, that talked about moving on from one great journey to the next one.

At the end of the passage, she shared an inspiring message, “Never forget there is fairy dust to be found in every situation, no matter how difficult.”

Her funeral is set to take place at Bath Abbey on January 16. The school will also honor the headteacher by remaining closed on that day to commemorate her.

St. Andrew’s school later put up an official statement on their website announcing about East’s heartfelt letter and offering support for the children and the families.

As per their statement, East had wanted the details of her illness to remain confidential up until that point, but she decided to open up about it when she saw no hopes of recovering.

Previously, a woman from Australia also touched everyone's heart with her emotional and inspiring letter that she penned before her death.

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