'Open the government': Dems bring out stories of people 'hurt' by shutdown and demand to end it

Democratic senators gathered as a united front and appealed to President Trump to “Open the Government.” 

On January 17 the senators gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in Washington to make a statement.

Walking down the steps carrying big poster photos of people affected by the partial government shutdown, they approached the pre-setup podium fronted with a big blue banner that reads: “Open The Government.”

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Source: Facebook/Fox News

They all lineup, so all the photo’s visible to photographers before Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer stepped to the podium to begin his speech. 

With cordialities barely out of the way, Chuck got right to the point as he said:

“Every one of us has so many stories to tell of the people who are hurt, as the Trump shutdown drags on more and more Americans are getting hurt.”

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Over 800,000 employees have been affected by the partial government shutdown, and who knows how many repercussions that has on other industries. 

President Trump and the Democrats are firmly standing their ground, as the shutdown continues.

Senator Schumer held up his poster of a man’s story he wanted to share, Michael Francesco. A federal food safety inspector with the Department of Agriculture, living in Syracuse. Touching on why Michael started to work for the government  46 years ago, Schumer added:

“He heard President John F. Kennedy ask Americans what they could do for their country. As soon as he finished college, he signed up to do his part.”

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Michael has medical problems which require treatment, and he does not know how to afford all the regular and medical bills. Like all the other employees he has received no pay. 

Senator Schumer asked President Trump to look at the faces of the people who have served their country with loyalty, and are now suffering. 

He urged Trump to look at what he is doing by using these men and woman “as pawns.” Schumer likened Trump's actions to that of an “extortion game” as he continued with his speech. The “simple message” they had Senator Schumer stated clearly:

“Open the government to Senate Republicans. Open the government to leader McConnell. Open the government to President Trump. Open the government and start paying folks Michael for their work.”

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Source: Facebook/Fox News

Senator Schumer than welcomed Senator Murray who spoke about the 26 days of uncertainty that has been part of the ongoing government shutdown as she said:

“Twenty-six days of the  President of the United States of America having a temper tantrum and playing politics. Twenty-six days of people paying the price. And that is why we are here.”

Senator Murray also shared the plight of the woman in the picture she held. Shirley from Washington and a furloughed employee of the FAA.

In a single income home, Shirley is under a lot of stress to provide for her family; she has trouble sleeping because she does not know when she will be paid again.  She is one of many and the people’s suffering is only getting worse.

During a meeting President Trump had with Chuck Schumer and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday, Senator Schumer asked the President why he can’t just open up government and stop hurting the people. According to a congressional aide present, Trump replied:

“Because then you won’t give me what I want.”

What President Trump wants is funding for the wall he envisions along the border and won't budge amid the longest government shutdown in American history.

There are two reasons the shut down is still ongoing. One is the longstanding policy fight about security while the other is because of failed negotiations over reopening the government.

They are at an impasse as one is directly linked to the other. Trump will open up government once Democrats agree to provide the funding for the border wall. Democrats, on the other hand, want the government to open before they are willing to talk about border security.

President Trump and the Democrats have been opposed on policy from the start. They made it clear to Trump, since he took office, that they will not fund the $5.7 billion he wants to build his wall.

People got reminded of the lesser thought of consequences regarding the government shutdown when the husband of Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown, Dan Little, decided to help out. The bathrooms at the Sno-Park at Mt. Hood National Forest were in a state. 

With the government shutdown, places like these are down to skeleton staff, and the natural heritages we pledged to protect are also suffering the consequences. 

Dan cleaned up the bathrooms and sent Trump the bill. But as that may seem rather insignificant in the greater scheme of things, there are those exploiting conditions as wildlife is being hunted and poached. 

Protected areas have left their gates wide open due to lack of staff, and the animals are paying the price. Our heritage is paying the price along with the people suffering under this feud. 

What the American people want and have a right to, is to stop being collateral damage.

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