Alabama vet student, 24, 'rescued' 50 horses and then sold them to slaughterhouses

A tragic story came to light after it was discovered that an Alabama vet student who "rescued" 50 horses was actually selling the animals to slaughterhouses.

Horse owners in Georgia and the Southeast are celebrating the indictment of an Alabama vet student. The 24-year-old woman is accused of pulling a tragic scam involving horses.

Blount County, Alabama sheriff's deputies arrested Fallon Blackwood. They found her at a local rodeo after looking for her since October 2018.

A grand jury indicted Blackwood on 13 different charges. She stands accused of bringing into the state property obtained through false pretenses.

The charges involved a group of older horses. Victims of her scam came forward and admitted to voluntarily selling the horses to Blackwood.

The owners revealed that they had gone through with the deal because Blackwood led them to believe she was taking the animals to live on her farm near Boaz, Alabama. However, Blackwood could not account for the horses.

The original owners took action. They filed complaints with authorities and accused Blackwood of theft and they suspected she had killed the animals or worse.

"They suffered a death that they didn't deserve," said Lisa Rudolph from her home in Florida. "And I think they were slaughtered."

Rudolph revealed that in 2017 she gave Blackwood a horse named Cocoa. She also gave her a mini-mule called Tibby.

She was under the impression that she would get them back after she finished her move to Florida. Like many others, she had trusted Blackwood because she was a third-year student at the Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Unfortunately, she never got the horses back. The owners now believe the horses were sold to people working for Mexican slaughterhouses.

"I would never have given my animals to anybody had they not represented what she represented. It was all deceptive and a lie. I'm hoping that now justice will be done. I have lots of animals. And I can see if you thought someone was taking an animal to rehome it and found out later that something else happened that you'd be upset." said Rudolph

Blackwood was bonded out of jail quickly. Fellow students later revealed she was back on campus and is set to graduate in May.

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