Offset shares his opinion about the government shutdown after Cardi B's recent political rant

First Cardi B spoke out about the government shutdown. Offset has now also opened up about his take on the situation as well.

It has been 33 days since the start of the longest government shutdown in American history. The federal government shutdown after Congress could not come to an agreement over the budget.

he House and Senate had not passed a spending bill by the time the deadline passed and the government partially shut down The shutdown has resulted in thousands of employees working without pay for weeks. 

The dispute is the result of Trump’s demand for $5 billion to start building a wall at the southern border which the Democrats refuse to support. As the shutdown stretched on, many celebrities have spoken out against it.

The rapper, Offset also took a stand during an interview with Esquire. He took a moment to think about the thousands of Americans who are directly affected by the shutdown and do not have the means to support their families.

Offset is known for his love of luxury labels and expensive lifestyle. However, he admits that he believes the current political state calls for music that is not flashy but rather more relatable.

“We’re going through a fucked up time,” he says. “Both sides. Black and the white. You know why? The government shutdown. Black people aren’t working, white folks aren’t working. It's everybody.”

“This ain't supposed to be going down. Not in America. We got our chest out, we got the money, we got the cars, we got the celebrities, we got the stars, everybody wants to be like us. All these other countries when I go there, they're inspired by us,” he says. “Seeing people talk about how they can't pay their bills but they have to work. That's some slave shit. I don't really get into it politics because I'm usually on the other side of it. There are black mothers with jobs, and now you take their jobs away. And then the president, I don't really want to speak on him but he's rich. Make [a person] respect you, because a [person] doesn't respect you. He's rich and has these folks struggling," said Offset.

His statements come just after the mother of his child and rapper, Cardi B, openly spoke about her sentiments on the crisis. She posted an informative video to her Instagram.

Not only does she slam the government for allowing the shutdown to drag on, but the brave rapper also digs into President Trump. She called him out for forcing his federal employees to return to work without pay to push his agenda to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States. 

Fans definitely agreed with Cardi's view point. Many also replied to her tweets on the situation with similar sentiments.

“Hey y’all, I just wanna remind y’all because it’s been a little bit over three weeks. Trump is now ordering, as in summoning, federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid. Now I don’t wanna hear y’all [expletive] talking ’bout, ‘Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days'. Yeah, [expletive], for healthcare so your grandma could check her blood pressure and you [expletive] can go check that [expletive] at the gynecologist with no [expletive] problem.” said Cardi in her video.

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